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June 28, 2015

Grant Waite


THE MODERATOR: We're going to bring up Grant Waite, who shot 67 today and finished at 7 under par.

Q. Great finish on a Sunday.
GRANT WAITE: Thank you. Well, okay, so I got off to the start you'd want, birdied 1, birdied 2. Then inexplicably, three-putted 3. And then No. 4, hit a nice drive, and I was in between the 3 wood and a 5 wood going to the green. I tried to hit a soft 3 wood and pulled it and went left of the green. And you just couldn't go left. Then pitched on the green, three-putted that. That was very disappointing because it got the start you wanted, play the next few holes pretty solid, then you're in the tournament, and you're really in the tournament. And then I played very solidly from there, but I had to make a few putts and I just couldn't get them to fall in. I made a couple coming in. But overall really, I gave myself a lot of opportunity. When you're in a Major Championship, it's so fun. It really is. It just is one of those things that you just practice for and you have the opportunity. I'm trying to define winning is differently than just holding the trophy because only one guy can do that. There's a lot of things that have got to go your way, and there's a lot of really, really good players. So I feel like for me, for what I was trying to do, I feel like it was a win for me today.

Q. Is that how you kind of sum up your first Senior? Just kind of a win for you all four, even the practice rounds? Summarize, if you can, the experience.
GRANT WAITE: This experience, from the golf course itself, the design of the golf course, to the setup of the golf course, I think -- I don't know of a player that could find anything is a problem, not one thing. The USGA got it right. There are sometimes they get criticism. Maybe last week at the U.S. Open, they get a lot of criticism. They deserve credit for what they did here. They made it very fair. If you play good golf, you can shoot a low score. There was evidence of that. Some guys shot 6 and 7 under par. No one was doing that every day. That's a credit to the setup, and I've got to be complimentary to that. So I really enjoyed that. My preparation has been very good over the last month. I've slowly but surely been playing better. I came here, liked the golf course, liked everything about it. The practice rounds, I played very well. Really the only day that I struggled a little bit was the second day, but I putted very nicely and ended up shooting a couple under par. So for me, this tournament -- emotionally, mentally, the preparation, my game, handling some adversity today -- I'm going to take that as a win for me, personally. It's just not a win in holding a trophy.

Q. Typically, golf season, the kiwis like to get out, even during the tournament, to restaurants and such. Did you get a chance to experience Sacramento at all?
GRANT WAITE: Of course, yes. Every night. I'm staying Downtown Sacramento. We went to the local restaurants down there every night and kind of enjoyed ourselves. Just kind of experiencing the culture. And we hadn't been -- I've never been to Sacramento. Played the PGA Tour for 13 years, whatever it was, 12 or 13 years on the Tour. We never played here. By judging what's going on in this area, this is just a wonderful place. In the summertime, the weather's great. The local facilities, infrastructure is fantastic. People support the tournament. They came out. It would be just a wonderful place to come and play golf.
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