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August 20, 2004

Luke List


CRAIG SMITH: Luke, just age-wise, you're sort of the baby of this group, but you're making a pretty good statement, all the way to the semis, was it what you expected or is it a little more than you expected?

LUKE LIST: You know, to be quite honest, I expected to play well, but the semis is a great -- one more day tomorrow and then the finals. Expectations were high coming in. I've been working hard all summer. Had a decent summer, got to play a lot of good tournaments and just kind of nothing special until this week. So it's nice that my hard work has been paying off. I'm real excited. I'm having fun out there. I'm having a great time in New York. I've got my dad and a couple uncles up here, just having a great time up here.

CRAIG SMITH: Would this be the highlight so far of your golf career, would you say right here, right now?

LUKE LIST: I would say so[]. I made the U.S. Open last summer, and that was a great experience playing with all of those guys. Any USGA event is just spectacular. They know exactly what they are doing and how to set up a golf course. Any USGA event you can play in, take advantage of.

Q. What was it like playing with Danny, a guy that's so much older than you?

LUKE LIST: The first time I played with Danny was last year at the Public Links in New Jersey. I played with him in stroke-play, and just remember how tough it would be playing match-play. Because you look at the guy and you're like there's no way he can lose, he's such a great player. He's a fantastic player, and he's got a lot of heart and he just guts it out.

I was excited to play him today I was. He's 47 but has the heart of a 19-year-old. He's a great guy and a great player, so I was excited to play him and then come out on top.

CRAIG SMITH: Did you get a little bit of an advantage hitting it by him all the time? Did you remind him that he's more than twice your age?

LUKE LIST: You know, he doesn't hit it far but he's got a great short game. That's his compensation for length. I think I hit a few more fairways. I was in the rough a little bit, and I was able to get it out and I just think I hit a few more fairways than he did.

Q. Does playing someone with Chris Nallen's resume, was that intimidating, or Danny Green?

LUKE LIST: I mean, Danny is probably one of the most accomplished amateurs, ever. He's Walker Cup; he's a great player. When you step on the first tee, no matter who you are, you just have to throw it out the window and just kind of play golf.

Really, after my first round win, I just wanted to go have fun. I knew I was paired against Trip Kuehne, and I saw the bracket, our bracket is ridiculous, John Holmes, I just wanted to go play some good players and that's what I've done. I'm getting great experience playing with these guys. It's a lot of fun.

Q. Talk about 8 and 9, you were all-square through 7.

LUKE LIST: I was in the left rough on No. 8. I hit it further than the main rough. I was where it was trampled down. So I had a decent lie and had a 6-iron from 192 yards to about ten feet, a really good shot and I made the putt to go, I guess it was 1-up.

Then 9, you make par, you're going to win that half the time. It's just a beast of a hole. So I hit a good iron shot, just the greens are firming up and it rolled over the back and I had just a solid up-and-down to go 2-up. I think the most important holes in match play holes is 8 through 12 and I played those holes pretty well[].

CRAIG SMITH: Tell me about some of the other sports you play.

LUKE LIST: Growing up, I didn't start playing golf till I was about eight; that's pretty young. I played basketball. Both of my parents were competitive swimmers, so I swam a little bit growing up. Just played a little of everything. Basketball and swimming.

CRAIG SMITH: How big would Sunday be? It's not too long that you've you're just done with your match, but now you're into the semis; can you allow yourself to just look ahead?

LUKE LIST: Sure, another win and I'm there. It was my goal coming in, so that would be great.

I've got a really good player, Chris Nallen tomorrow. I'm excited to play him. I know he's just playing well, just by the margin of victory. He's really kind of steamrolling over some people. He's a good player, but I think if I go out there and just play my game, it will be a good match.

Q. Does that margin stick in your mind a little bit?

LUKE LIST: I haven't really looked at his score, but I'm sure he's make something birdies out there which is phenomenal. I saw 31 on the front nine a couple of days ago; that's playing golf.

I'm right there. If I make some birdies, some pars are always good in match play. You just never know. This golf course, pars are good. If I can just go out and play my own game, it will be a good match.

Q. Have you talked with him in the match, played with him or against him?

LUKE LIST: Played with Chris. I've played several tournaments with him. He's had a phenomenal amateur and college career. He's probably one of the leading -- I guess he's already graduated to he'll be turning pro pretty soon here. He's had a great amateur career.

CRAIG SMITH: Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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