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June 28, 2015

Kevin Sutherland


THE MODERATOR: Kevin Sutherland, 2 under, 68.


Q. Just not quite strong enough. But on this course, I would have to think you're pretty happy overall.
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: It's been an amazing week. How I played, putting that aside, the way I was treated by the fans in the gallery and the hometown people was just, it was truly amazing. The ovation I got on the 1st tee the first day caught me, just kind of threw me back a little bit. It was something special. To have my brother on the bag, just to both enjoy that, and have my parents and my family, my son and my wife out here was truly an amazing week. Just enjoyed it. I played well. I think I played well enough to maybe get right there where the leaders are, but kind of got myself -- I played really well the front nine. I hit every shot right on the button and had a couple of two-putt birdies and made a birdie on 7. But I just couldn't manage to get to that 6 or 7 number I needed to get to. The double on 16 was a killer and kind of took the wind out of my sails a little bit. But it was a great week overall.

Q. How about your home course and the praise it's gotten. Must make you proud.
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: It makes me really proud. I really think the big winner this week has been Sacramento and the golf course. The golf course has been received incredibly well. I've had so many guys who said they want to come back and just play. Doesn't have to be a tournament. They want to come back and play. They enjoyed it that much. It's just got such a great variety of holes. It's in amazing condition. Mark's done a fantastic job of getting the course in amazing condition. The greens are fabulous. The big winners, I think, were Sacramento and the golf course. It's been a great week.

Q. Talk about the walk up 17 and 18 for you.
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: It was amazing. I said at the beginning of the week that when I go up 18 the last day, I was really going to enjoy it. And not be so focused on everything. Just kind of get a wide lens and just really enjoy it. I did that on 17 and 18. The ovation and the people were just amazing. I can't put words into it, really.

Q. You kind of touched base on it, but with your brother as your caddie, what was that moment and the whole week like for you guys?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: It's been great. He's done it for me before twice. He caddied for me at the U.S. Open at Merion two years ago, and the time before that was at Memphis at a PGA Tour event. This was a great time, and it was something special to be at home and for us to enjoy it. I told David, it's just as much about you as it is me, the way people were treating us. It's been an incredible week. Most golfers don't get a home game. I was very fortunate to get one, and I really did enjoy it. I just tried to make sure that I didn't get so upset when things didn't go well, just keep plugging along and enjoy the energy I was getting from the crowd was great.

Q. Your position at the end of the day, a couple strokes off the lead, teed off about an hour before the leaders, what was your strategy for this final round?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I knew I needed to play really, really well. I thought that maybe 8 would have a chance. The course played a little bit softer than I was expecting. The greens were a little softer today than they were the first two days. That meant the scores were probably going to be a little better than they were. I thought 8 would be good enough. Looks like it's going to be more like 10 or 11. So for me to get to that, I'd have to shoot 7 under par. I thought 5 might do it. I had to get off to a really good start, and I did. I hit the 1st and 4th green in two. I had a really good look at birdie on the 2nd hole. I hit the green on 2, and I had a really good look at birdie on 2. It just didn't go in. I had a great putt. I got off to a great start. I got myself in a position to play with some energy, and I did. I played my heart out. I was giving it everything I got, just came up a little short.
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