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June 28, 2015

Lee Janzen


THE MODERATOR: Lee Janzen shot 64 today and finishes the Championship at 6 under par.

Q. Well played, Lee. Assess your day. Made a really good move.
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, went forward today. That's good news. Overall, I'd say it was a great day. Invariably, when you get a hot round going and you're moving up the leaderboard on Sunday, so many things have to happen well for it to be a perfect day. So a bogey looks like the end of the world, but 16 is a really good hole, and, literally, my drive was just maybe a few feet from being fine to where I could actually shoot at the pin. I played the shot I thought I had to play, get it over the green at the worst. I hit a fairly good chip, and I just didn't hit a good enough putt. But I made so many putts from 5 feet to 12 feet today. So if you make 10 out of 11, that's a really good day. I don't know exactly how many I made, but I know I made a lot of good putts today. Far more today than any other day. I drove it better today and hit my irons better today, and that helped my score a lot.

Q. You were in the parking lot last night swinging something that didn't look like a golf club.
LEE JANZEN: Swing training. The only way to swing faster is to train yourself to swing faster. So going to the gym and lifting weights doesn't make you swing faster, just gets you stronger. 30 something years of professional golf, you fall into a habit of a certain speed and tempo. Then as you get closer to 50, you start hitting it shorter. I would certainly love to be able to increase my swing speed without sacrificing my timing or sequence. At the very least, if I keep training, I won't lose any more club head speed, which I have. I know I've lost 15 yards from just a couple years ago on the regular Tour. My last full year, my driving average was 290, and I know it's in the 270s now, and that was a huge difference at Chambers Bay last week. There was a couple holes I had to play a different angle than some of the guys, which made it a significantly longer hole for me.

Q. So clearly, it helped?
LEE JANZEN: I have not measured my swing since I started doing this in February. Grant Waite is the one who inspired me. I played with him in the fall last year. He just was creaming the ball off the tee. I could not believe how far he was hitting it, hitting it further than anything I'd ever seen him hit in his life. He's three weeks older than I am. He's proof that you can pick yardage up at our age.

Q. What's it called?
LEE JANZEN: Super Speed Golf. Superspeedgolf.com. You can go on their internet site. They even give you training videos on how to use the product. I've been using it religiously, practicing, practicing. I feel like my swing is starting to get faster, but it's also hot. I always move better when it's hot, like everybody else, and the ball moves further when it's hot.

Q. How much fun was it to be out there with Billy with both you guys playing so well?
LEE JANZEN: It's good to be playing with somebody playing well. When you get into a groove or zone, you don't know how the other guy's doing. We've played so much golf over the years. We met in amateur golf, basically, in 1985. That's 30-plus years. So when you get to the Champions Tour and you're competing with guys, you want to beat them, but there's a lot more camaraderie and pulling for the other guy.

Q. You've been through the stretch of golf that's the toughest on the course, 13 through 18. What's going to be the biggest challenge for the guys who are behind you now?
LEE JANZEN: The wind. Even though it's not blowing significantly hard, it changes direction all the time, which is a challenge. The 11th hole, we noticed all week that, in the fairway, it feels like it's straight in our face, and the flag will be blowing right to left. And then we get up to the green, and it's blowing away. So we even played for it today and still hit it over the green. Then on 12, you have to figure that out on 12 because now you thought you played it into the wind on 11, and now 12 is the opposite direction, feels into the wind again. 13 should play downwind, but it turns back and forth from downwind to across, downwind to across. 16, 17. So 17 was nearly straight down when Billy hit, and I had a similar shot Friday, similar wind. Then the wind switched to dead across right when I hit, and my ball pitched on the front of the green and pulled up. It landed a lot softer, which it would with a crosswind as opposed to downwind. Downwind is going to hit and run more. So it would have carried on a little bit further and run more for a much shorter putt. But I hit the shot I was trying to hit, and that's really all that matters. Like 16, I did my best on every shot I hit on that hole and came up with a bogey. Some holes I hit some really bad shots and managed to make pars.

Q. When you got to the tee on 15, any question in your mind what you were going to do?
LEE JANZEN: Other than trying to figure out where the fairway was -- even Friday, I hit four fairways Friday. I never tried to guide the ball. I just went ahead, and if anything, I swung harder. Just figured, you know, the one thing I had to do was swing freely, if I was going to figure out my swing and get it back. Frustrating because I have had three really good weeks playing. A week off, the U.S. Open qualifier, the tournament in Boston, and then even last week at Chambers Bay, I hit the ball beautifully, other than maybe two shots. It was frustrating this week that I did not have that. I wish I did. That's golf. But just because I didn't have it didn't mean I wasn't going to grind out every shot and just hope at some point I could string a couple shots together and get some confidence and get something. Today I struggled starting off. Even though I made birdies. I hit a terrible tee shot on 3, a bad tee shot on 5, and another one on 6. But the one on 6, I felt, really felt what I did wrong. From there, I felt like I knew exactly what to do the rest of the day, and I hit the ball much better.
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