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June 28, 2015

Michael McCoy


THE MODERATOR: Next up on the podium, Michael McCoy. He shot a 1 under, 69. Finished at 2 over for the Championship and is low amateur.

Q. Well, played, sir.
MICHAEL McCOY: Thank you.

Q. Two years in a row?
MICHAEL McCOY: Yes. I like the way you set up golf courses. This was a really good one, by the way. So I don't know what it is. Just something about the USGA Championships, I like the conditions and the way the golf courses are set up. It's easy to get prepared and motivated to play. Just seem to play my best these weeks.

Q. With as good a career as you had, having won the Low Amateur medal two years in a row against the guys that are doing it for money, what does that mean to you?
MICHAEL McCOY: Insurance is still my profession. Golf is still my passion. No illusions. They do it a little better.

Q. I asked the question badly. If you were competing against people who do it for a living. You don't. Now you're competing with them.
MICHAEL McCOY: Right. Yeah, it's an honor to play well in this quality of company. These guys you've admired your whole career, they've done so much. It's a thrill. I'm glad that there's room for the amateur in this championship. I hope to play in a few more of them.

Q. Were you aware at all that, if you shot a 68 today, you would have been the Low Amateur in Senior Open history?
MICHAEL McCOY: I didn't know that. I might have tried to go for it from that fairway bunker on 18, but I'd have made 6.

Q. Being the Low Amateur two years in a row, I didn't know if you had any kind of awareness of how well you are shooting and that you have a chance to do these kind of record breaking rounds.
MICHAEL McCOY: No, I didn't know that. I was really comfortable. I tried to play without tension today. I made a couple funny swings. But otherwise, I hit a lot of solid shots today. I was kind of taking it just one shot at a time, wasn't thinking of much else.

Q. The early eagle must have given you a good feeling?
MICHAEL McCOY: A nice way to start the day. That was fun to see that ball go in. I hit a nice shot there. Then to make one later in the round was a bonus. I hit two pretty good shots to get up by the hole.

Q. If you had to rank -- you've won the Mid-Amateur title, but then you've been Low Amateur here two years in a row. Where do all those accomplishments rank?
MICHAEL McCOY: This one today is pretty nice because you just want to come out here and do well. But it was -- I mean, I really played well this week. I made two doubles earlier in the week. If you eliminate a couple of those and hole a couple putts. Didn't putt particularly well the first few days, but I wasn't that far off. So that's encouraging, and I'm proud of that.

Q. You've been holding your own in this Championship, Michael. Getting some Walker Cup attention?
MICHAEL McCOY: I don't know. Is Spider watching? [Laughter]. I hope Spider is watching. Anyway, I don't know. That's for someone else to decide.

Q. You said insurance is still your profession. Do you call in sick tomorrow?
MICHAEL McCOY: I'm flying home tomorrow morning, yeah. They probably won't see me in the office tomorrow. I'll be going hard Tuesday.

Q. I imagine the phones will probably be ringing. It's probably good for business, right?
MICHAEL McCOY: Well, I don't know about that. I've got a pretty full plate right now. I certainly have a lot of support from my colleagues and customers and family. Everybody's been really -- had a lot of texts this week encouraging me to have a good week. It's one of the nice things about golf. You have a lot of friends. Game brings people together.
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