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June 28, 2015

Paul Goydos


HE MODERATOR: Up next, Paul Goydos, 3 under, 67. 4 over for the Championship.

Q. Great putting round.
PAUL GOYDOS: I putted really well. I looked at the stats last night, and of the 72 players, I was 71st in putting. I think it was total putts. I want to say Dunlap was 72, the poor bastard. And today, I putted -- the greens are -- I was just telling them, maybe the top three or four of the best greens I'd ever putted. To not be making anything is frustrating. Frustrating but also good in the sense you know it's you. So today, I think it's just everything that didn't happen the first three days happened today. I made some putts and kind of got on a roll, and again you're playing earlier. No one's been on them. The greens still had a little bit of moisture in them. Just one of those days. You'd like to have those days when you're in the third to last group or the second to last group, not when you're in the first group, but it is what it is.

Q. Were they of length, or did you hit the ball close?
PAUL GOYDOS: They were, yeah, long. I made a 20-footer on 2. A 20-footer on 3 for bogey, a 30-footer on 4. Probably a 15-footer on 9, a 25-footer on 10, a 15-footer on 12, 15-footer on 15. So yeah, and probably a 10-footer on 16 for par. I mean, you know, the Tour will do stats where they actually do them in feet made of putts versus number of putts. I would think, if anybody makes more putts from a length standpoint than I did -- well, they're not. Today, they're not.

Q. When the leaders get around later, what are they going to encounter as they come down the stretch?
PAUL GOYDOS: The same golf course. They've got, again, a couple of mind tricks, as usual. Number 9 is going to cause people problems, standing on the tee, what to do. I laid up, and I think that was for me the right play. I think that's the right play. Then 15, I thought, was a very ingenious hole setup. They moved the tee way up there to make it reachable. I didn't hit a good shot but just kind of got lucky. If you go for the green in two and pull it, you're not making four. You only make a 30-footer. You hit the ball in the bunker, and it's going to be pretty hard not to hit the ball left of the green there, unless you can fly it on the green. If you can fly it on the green, then you're going to hit it over the green. So that's what I think is what the USGA does so well is the play there. I don't care what you got. I think the play there is to laid up. I have 250 to the front. I'll just get it down there, and I got lucky to make a birdie. I probably, in hindsight, should have hit a 6 iron and a wedge. Then it's a pretty easy pin. You should be able to get the ball up and down there. I love things like that. I think the USGA does that very well. I think the guy who can kind of get through some of those things, get through, make the right decisions is probably -- it's so bunched up, the guy who can make those right decisions is probably going to win the tournament.

Q. We have so many players, I think there were 16 bunched within two strokes. What goes through your mind when you're in that pack?
PAUL GOYDOS: I was talking about the back nine, and it's going to -- it will weed itself out. I mean, Major Championships do that. Guys who are not playing quite as well will get weeded out. This golf course can do that quite quickly. Then you're probably going to have a pretty exciting tournament, I would guess. Again, you have the last six holes here, which are difficult. And the one hole that probably will be playing under par is the one where you have to make the most decisions on. So I think it's going to be a good finish. You're going to have four, five guys who are going to have a chance to win standing on the 15th tee. Whoever can birdie 15 and par 16, 17, 18 is probably going to win.

Q. Would anyone have an advantage if they were in the house early, other than the obvious?
PAUL GOYDOS: We talked about that. To me, the obvious person that stands out, such a homer, Kevin. Kevin gets to play an hour before the leaders, I think. He was only two shots out of the lead, but he probably plays an hour early. You are going to see the leaderboard, you'll see guys 3, 4, 5 under par. You'll know there are birdies out there. He knows the course pretty well. I think the golf course also fits him pretty well, especially down the stretch. I think if he can get and post a score, he's pretty comfortable playing here, I don't mind the position where he's at, again, an hour earlier, but only two shots back. He can birdie -- I birdied the first two holes. He can birdie the first two holes and be in the lead while those guys are still on the driving range. Then you have to kind of look at him and try to catch him. When you're the leader and then you're not the leader when you tee off, it is a different mindset. Not that I think that would bother a guy like Langer.
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