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June 27, 2015

Belinda Bencic


B. BENCIC/A. Radwanska
6‑4, 4‑6, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Has what you have achieved sunk in yet?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ No.テつ I had so much stuff to do.テつ Really, at first I called my mom and then I had to do a little bit stretching.テつ I think I will just realize maybe when going to bed or maybe tomorrow.

Q.テつ What did your mom say?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ Well, she was so happy.テつ We had a nice call, and she was watching on TV, of course.
Yeah, I'm just so glad for everything what she did, so I was very thankful.

Q.テつ Can you just describe how you felt in that final set?テつ Walk us through your final set.
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ Yeah.テつ It started very good, actually.テつ I was very focused and really I played very free.テつ Of course I was disappointed I didn't close out the second set.テつ I was also starting to get tired.テつ It was a lot of running and, yeah, long rallies.
But then I started very focused.テつ I did the 3‑0, so after that I relaxed a little bit and could close it out very good.

Q.テつ How important has Martina Hingis been to you in your career?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ Yeah, well, of course, very important.テつ She gives me a lot of good advice.テつ Also not just this week but all the time.テつ And also I practice with her mom, so she's my coach when I'm back at home.
Of course they have been big influence on my game.

Q.テつ She was a teenager when she won Wimbledon, '97.テつ You're going in on the back of two grass court finals.テつ Are you looking towards Wimbledon to win it this year?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ To win Wimbledon?テつ I mean, no pressure.テつ I just won a tournament.テつ I understand.テつ Okay.テつ (Laughter.)
I play Monday first round, so I playテつ Pironkova, not an easy draw.テつ Tomorrow I have to recover very good and practice a little bit, and then I really need to focus on that first round because it's not very easy.
But I'm not thinking about winning it (smiling).

Q.テつ Do you really not have grass courts in Switzerland?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ There is nothing.テつ No grass courts there.テつ Just artificial grass.テつ We don't have a single one.テつ Just where the cows are (smiling).

Q.テつ Do you play tennis with the cows?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ Yeah, I think it's not as nice as here.

Q.テつ Besides Martina Hingis, is there any other player you look at for inspiration?テつ Any other older player?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ When I was small I was watching all the players.テつ I went to watch in Zurich, the tournament.テつ I saw everyone.テつ I was collecting autographs.
I liked very much to watch Wozniacki and Ivanovic, yeah, just the players who were in the top at that moment, of course.テつ Sharapova.テつ I had all the posters in my room, so it was a lot of players I was looking up to.

Q.テつ Going back to the grass, I'm not positive, but you have probably more matches on grass than any other lady this month.

Q.テつ Don't quote me on, but probably it's correct.

Q.テつ So I guess the downside would be are you tired?テつ Do you have some tape on? テつNope?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ I mean, I'm tired now, of course, after the final, but I'm just ‑‑I'm so happy to play on grass.テつ I never feel like really tired or not motivated.
I'm really looking forward to Wimbledon.テつ I mean, this was a preparation tournament.

Q.テつ I guess the upside to that would be between Holland and Birmingham and here, I'm sure you have played more grass tournaments than anybody else.
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ Yeah, that can also be an advantage.テつ A lot of people come without a preparation tournament to Wimbledon, and I feel very comfortable on grass, so I just hope I can go with my confidence also to Wimbledon.

Q.テつ Looking ahead to Pironkova, she's known for coming out of the grass court season performing really well and maybe not performing so well on the other surfaces.テつ So firstly, how are you feeling about facing her?テつ Secondly, how confident are you now taking that form through for the rest of the season?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ I mean, of course she's very not easy to play.テつ She plays great in Wimbledon always.
Yeah, I mean, I also ‑‑ I have so much confidence now I played the final, and then I lost to Lisicki, but it was really not in my hands, that match.テつ Now I won here.
I have nothing to prove in Wimbledon, and I can just play relaxed and be satisfied with my results.テつ So, yeah.

Q.テつ The other final, you lost to Camila Giorgi.テつ What do you think about her?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ I think she hits so hard, first of all.テつ Her serve is very good.テつ On grass court she's very dangerous when she is on her game.
She was not missing a lot against me in the final, and I was really defensive all the time because she's so aggressive.
I mean, I didn't play bad in that final, but she was just a better player, I think, in that final.

Q.テつ Back in Charleston you indicated that you preferred to play matches versus practicing.テつ So is this your new strategy as to how to avoid practice?
BELINDA BENCIC:テつ Yes.テつ (Laughter.)テつ That's exactly what I have ‑‑that's my tactic, to win every single match so I don't need to practice so much.
No, but I like practices too.テつ On grass it's fun, but like on offseason it's not very fun.

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