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June 27, 2015

Bart Bryant


BART BRYANT: It was a rough one for me a little bit. I just, I played a little nervy at times, and I got off to a bad start bogeying the 1st hole, which obviously is a birdie hole, and it kind of set the tone for the day. From there, it's just kind of hang on. Struggle. I had a couple of opportunities. I had a couple of 6, 8-footers for birdie, but I didn't get them in. So had I made those, got it under par today, it still would have been a decent day. But I was just trying to stay in sight of the leaders, to be honest with you, because I just wasn't really on my game. I just thought, well, if I can just somehow stay in sight of them, I'll give myself a chance tomorrow. If I have a hot round, you never know what can happen.

Q. You still have a chance tomorrow, though?
BART BRYANT: I do, yeah. I'm probably going to be three back, maybe four at the most if someone birdies the last hole. But any time you're within three or four at a Major, you go shoot a low one like Kenny Perry did today, you never know what can happen.

Q. How much scoreboard watching do you do?
BART BRYANT: I saw it out there today quite a bit. Yeah. I mean, tomorrow I'll probably do a little bit less right up until the end, and then I may look. But today, I noticed it quite a bit.

Q. Does that make you make some more chancy shots, more risks if the opportunity is there?
BART BRYANT: It may, but it's doubtful. It would have to be the perfect situation. U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open, any USGA event, you start getting -- you start thinking, wow, I'm going to get aggressive here, you can get yourself in trouble. So you've just kind of got to pick your spots. There are times where you can have some shorter clubs and go for the pin. For the most part, it's discretion is the better part of valor type golf out here, to be honest with you.
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