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June 27, 2015

Jeff Maggert


THE MODERATOR: We're pleased to be joined in the Media Center by Jeff Maggert. Jeff shot rounds of 70, 65, and 70, to be at 205. That's 5 under par through 54 holes here, and that's tied for the lead with Bernhard Langer. Jeff, another very good round today. A little more steady of a round today than yesterday.

JEFF MAGGERT: Yeah, the eight birdies yesterday was nice. I was hoping for a little more of that action today, but the course probably played a little more difficult today. I drove the ball much better today, which I was happy with. I did miss a couple fairways on the back nine, 16 and 18. I made a nice save for a par on 16 but didn't have the same luck on 18. All in all, just a steady day. I had kind of a slow start with the putter, had a couple horseshoe lip-outs, some 3- or 4-footers early in my round. I was a little tentative with the putter for a few holes after that, but then made a nice little short putt for birdie on the 6th hole and then just played steady golf the rest of the way and made a couple putts there on 14 and 15 to kind of get me under par for the day. I felt good at that point. Obviously, to finish even par for the round is not too bad.

THE MODERATOR: Yesterday, you were 2 over through your first five holes, turned it around with the eight birdies. Today, again, 2 over through five holes. Seems it takes you a while to get going, but once you have, you turn it around.

JEFF MAGGERT: A couple tough holes on the start there. The 3rd hole might be playing the toughest of the course this week. I had a good opportunity to make birdie on 1 and knocked it on the green in two, but I was way in the back of the green. So it was a little built of a slow start. I just stayed patient, and I knew it was a long round. Just drove the ball the rest of the way in and had a chance to make some birdies.

THE MODERATOR: You were in the final grouping at the Regions Traditional earlier this year. Struggled in the final round but ended up winning in the playoff. You'll be in the final grouping tomorrow again with Bernhard Langer and Kenny Perry. Talk about, is that a good thing for you, playing in the final round, knowing what's coming ahead of you, or is it a little tougher to play in the final grouping of the day?

JEFF MAGGERT: It's definitely better to play at the end in the final group, especially on the last day. You can kind of set the stage for yourself if you play well. You're not having to chase someone down from behind. Obviously, this golf course is not going to yield a lot of low numbers tomorrow. I think Kenny Perry had an excellent round today, but other than that, I don't think there was a lot of low scores. Probably more of the same tomorrow. Just stay patient, and I feel like, if I can make a few birdies here and there and eliminate the mistakes and try to eliminate the bogeys, I'm going to be in good shape.

Q. How do you explain ten players within one shot? What is the dynamic setup that causes that kind of compaction?
JEFF MAGGERT: Well, I think the USGA has done a great job with the course setup. I think sometimes they get it a little too far on the edge and you wind up getting a big separation of players. You wind up with just three or four guys at the end that have a chance to win. This week they've maintained a difficult but fair setup. The guys that are playing well -- and obviously, there's quite a few of them this week -- have an opportunity to hang in there and have a chance to win. That's a good compliment for the USGA, and I think they've done an excellent job of setting the golf course up this week.

Q. You take a look at that leaderboard and you see yourself and Bernhard and Colin and Kenny. Is there kind of a familiar theme here at some of these senior majors?
JEFF MAGGERT: I see these guys every week on the Champions Tour. I'm kind of getting sick of seeing them, actually, especially on top of the leaderboard. But it does seem to be a pretty constant theme out there, Bernhard and Kenny and Colin playing well. Hopefully, I can throw my name in the mix a little bit. This is kind of my first full season on the Champions Tour so I've been fortunate enough to play pretty well this year. And hopefully, tomorrow, I can come out and just play some good golf and have a chance at the end.

THE MODERATOR: It seemed like it certainly was a lot cooler out there today. How did the course play? Was it any different than the first two days you played?

JEFF MAGGERT: They're obviously putting a lot of water on the course after we play. I had a few mud balls actually in the fairway the first few holes, just because of the moisture on the fairways. But certainly towards the end of the day, it dries out. The greens were probably a little firmer today. And around the greens, you can see the grass starting to turn brown. So probably a little less water on the greens, I would think, would be their game plan, and I expect the golf course to play probably the most difficult of the four days tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Ten players within one stroke, 16 players within two strokes of the lead. Jeff Maggert, tied at the top with Bernhard Langer. Play well tomorrow.
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