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June 27, 2015

Woody Austin


THE MODERATOR: Up next, Woody Austin, 1 under, 69 today. 4 under overall.

Q. Well, like a lot of guys, some ups, some downs, but you're in it?
WOODY AUSTIN: That's the good thing. I'm still in it. It's hard to be positive when you're playing and just nothing going your way, but I'm still in the game. Like you said, that's the greatest thing about a U.S. Open is that, even shooting 1 under when I should have shot 5 or 6, I'm not getting run over.

Q. I know it's a little frustrating again with the putter. Some went in, though.
WOODY AUSTIN: I made a couple, but still I missed four inside 6 feet.

Q. Hard to take, I would agree.
WOODY AUSTIN: Yeah. Those last two holes, the two breaks on the last two holes are really mind boggling. I hit two good shots. One on 17 wasn't perfect or whatever but should have never landed up where that did. Then 18, I don't know how the ball is still sitting there. All it has to do is go two dimples, and it roles all the way back to the hole. Just very disappointing to hit good shots and not get rewarded for it. And then to hit good shots like on 16 and still miss a putt, that's an aggravating finish. Very aggravating finish.

Q. At 1 under par, there must have been a lot of good shots in there too?
WOODY AUSTIN: There was. I almost made a hole-in-one on 2. I hit the flag and hit it two inches on two.

Q. What did you hit in there?
WOODY AUSTIN: A 5 iron. And it was 187, I think it was. It hit the middle of the flag and about that far. So like I said, I mean, I hit some good shots. But I had a 14-footer on 5 that lipped out. I had a 15-footer on 6 that lipped out. I missed a 6-footer on 8, about a 14-footer on 10 that lipped out. Rolled it over to the edge on 11 -- or 10. And finally made the two on 11 and 12 and turn around and missed a 5-footer for par on 13.

Q. Gives and takes away?
WOODY AUSTIN: Yeah, like I said, there's no consistency. There's no good round as far as from start to finish, and that's what's disheartening. Sure, I made a couple. But you'd like to think out of 20 putts a day or whatever, you know, if you got two long ones that you don't think you're going to make, you'd like to think you can make a few. And the fact that I made two, wow.

Q. A crowded leaderboard and you're in it. How do you, I don't know, change the dynamic for yourself to get the low one that you might need?
WOODY AUSTIN: I don't really think I'd need a low one if they would let the course dry out like last year. Last year, the course did what it was supposed to do. It was easy on the first day, and then it dried out. The fairways got firmer, and the greens got firmer. So the ball would roll into the rough, and all you had to do was shoot even par, and everybody kept coming back and kept coming back and kept coming back. This year, they're watering the fairways, they're watering the rough, they're watering the greens. So there's no -- the golf course isn't playing as hard as it should be playing, and that's why you're seeing so many low numbers. Guys get off to hot starts and whatever because you can hit the ball -- I hit a shot on 4 today that you just don't think of a U.S. Open. You don't think hitting a ball downhill, downwind with a wedge it's going to back up or it's going to make a big ball mark. That's not the way it's supposed to happen on Saturday. So that part is confusing.
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