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June 27, 2015

Kevin Sutherland


THE MODERATOR: Kevin Sutherland, even par 70.

Q. Talk about the day and about the fact that you're still in there and just a bunch of guys all packed together.
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I feel lucky to be -- I didn't really play that well today. I feel like I had a lot of good -- I had some good putts that just didn't go in, but I also struggled a little bit hitting the ball. I think at the end of the day, even par is probably a good score for me. I just couldn't string together any sort of consistent play today. So the fact that I'm still kind of in it is very exciting. Hopefully, that was my struggle today, and I can have a really good one tomorrow.

Q. The crowd was really behind you.
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: Yeah, 17 and 18 were -- especially 17 was amazing. It's been special this week. The 1st tee ovation I got the first day, and really every day, I wasn't really expecting it. It was fantastic. It was something that I'll remember the rest of my life.

Q. No one knows this course like you do. Talk about the greens out there. Are they the best you've seen?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: They are fantastic. They are absolutely incredible. Mark and his whole staff have done an amazing job with the golf course, and the greens are running perfect. If it doesn't go in, you really have no one to blame but yourself because they're just so true. They've been fantastic.

Q. How hard is it to play sort of against yourself out there because you know the course so well, you know the things you could do, you know the setup's harder. Does that sometimes play into it?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I have struggled -- on the greens, I've been fine. Actually, on the greens, I think I've had a bit of an advantage. I notice how some of these balls have a tendency to break. I mean, I saw a couple pins today that I don't see very often. But you have a tendency to know which way the ball breaks and stuff, so that's an advantage. Tee to green, it's been kind of -- I've had to kind of relearn this place a little bit. I've hit a lot of different irons into par 3s that I've never hit before. Some of it's because they moved the tees up and back a little bit, but also because you've got a little bit of adrenaline and the greens are a lot firmer than we normally see, so the ball's bouncing a little bit, so you're playing more for a bounce. So on the par 3s, I've had to like -- I hit an 8 iron yesterday on No. 2 that I've never hit an 8 iron to. So that was a little different. So I had to kind of like not try to overswing and try to do anything differently than I've been doing. Today, I was a little better about that, about getting a good feel for the par 3s. But there's definitely an advantage to playing on the greens.

Q. What do you normally hit into 2, a 6 iron?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: Today, I hit a 5 iron. It was into the breeze, what it was normally like. Pin was all the way back. Probably would have been a 6 iron to the front. I normally hit a lot of 6 irons on that hole. So it was a couple clubs shorter than what I normally hit. I hit an occasional 7, but I've never hit 8.

Q. Do you have a super low in you?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: That's what I need. Yesterday was the day to have a super low. Yesterday was a disappointing day. Today, I felt like even par was probably about what I deserved. Yesterday, I let that round get away from me. I played a lot of really good golf yesterday. So yeah, there is. I just need to -- what I did yesterday is I got in my own way a little bit. I got down in four twice from out there to the green, and that's hard to do. If I can get rid of the mistakes and play like I did yesterday, I can shoot a 5 or 6 under out there.

Q. The leaderboard is crowded. Are guys having trouble separating out there?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: It is very crowded. Part of the problem is it's hard to make a ton of birdies, and it's hard to not make a few bogeys. If you drive the ball in the rough, you're having to struggle to make pars. I did that a little bit today. I didn't hit the ball in the fairway today. So as a result, I kind of struggled a little bit to even get good looks at birdies and mostly trying to make pars. I did a good job of getting it around the golf course today. Unfortunately, I had a bad three-putt on 13 was one of my bogeys. But I just need to get up on the fairway tomorrow.
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