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June 27, 2015

Duffy Waldorf


THE MODERATOR: Up next, Duffy Waldorf, 2 under, 68. 3 under overall.

DUFFY WALDORF: The introductions are nice.

Q. Good move on moving day?
DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, I'm pretty happy. Obviously, you look at the board, and you see that low number out there. But I think you're just pretty much every day is a stay in position today and hope that one day you can catch a little magic like Kenny Perry did today. I'm still in position. Hopefully a good round tomorrow will get me close to the top.

Q. Did you leave anything out there?
DUFFY WALDORF: Yeah, I mean, it's tough to say you leave stuff out there. It's an interesting course because I feel like, if you drive the ball well, you can give yourself birdie opportunities. But then, on the other hand, if you start driving in the rough, you're like oh, my gosh, it's the hardest course I've ever played. I'm making bogey, bogey. So you always feel like, if you've got a 20-footer and you don't make it, you feel like you left something out there. But honestly, I mean, two-putting and making par is a good thing out here for the most part.

Q. What's your assessment on the finishing holes?
DUFFY WALDORF: They are -- they're great finishing holes. I mean, you could start -- I'd start with No. 13. It's an awkward hole, long par 4 with a very difficult green, converted par 5. Very tough par 3 on 14. And then 16 and 17 -- 16, 17, 18, three classic finishing holes. Very difficult par 4 with water on 16. 17, never feel like you have the right club. And then 18 is a very intimidating second shot. You know on 16 and 18, if you don't drive it in the fairway, you're laying up. So they can become par 5s real quick.

Q. Are you the kind of guy who turns up the aggressiveness when it's needed, and will you take more chances tomorrow based on the fact, if it stays at 6, you're going to be 3 behind?
DUFFY WALDORF: I tend to -- really, if I'm playing well, I'll take chances no matter where I'm at. Hopefully, if I come out and feel good, hitting the shots the way I want to, then I will play very aggressively. It all depends on how the game comes out. Hopefully, get the putter hot. I think that's going to be the key, get a hot putter. I've got three days on the greens. So hopefully, I can get a good feel for maybe making a few putts.

Q. How about the consistency of the golf course, round 1 to now, Duffy? Has it been consistent for you?
DUFFY WALDORF: I think it's one of the best courses I've played in a Major. All Majors I've played. The rough is consistently difficult. I've had pretty much either a chip-out lie or a very difficult approach out of the rough. The greens have been pretty much the same the whole time, and they putt really well, really smooth, and roll true. Of course, the fairways and the tees are perfect. So, I mean, it's just been a really great championship test. It's nice to see we had a little weather today, a little wind to kick up and give it a little more interest.
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