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June 27, 2015

Kenny Perry


THE MODERATOR: Kenny Perry, 6 under, 64. Tournament low round.

Q. You're kind of used to shooting some low rounds in the Senior Open, aren't you? Talk about today.
KENNY PERRY: I had some great -- when I set foot on property here, as I said, I had flashbacks to Omaha for some reason. I don't know why this golf course, to me, feels similar. You've got to drive it long. Long, if you can keep it in the fairway, that's such a huge advantage here. I needed to somehow get my putter going. I was in the rocking chair seat, what I call today, a seat that there's no pressure on you. You just need to -- I'm 2 over, I'm seven behind, but I won this championship at ten behind. So I knew if somehow I could get 3, 4, 5, just get close, you know, maybe that magical round shows up when you do it. Opened up birdie six of the first seven. I'm thinking, you know what? This could be the day. I missed an easy one on 18. That really stung. That just took the wind right out of my sails. For whatever reason, I never got it close enough. I missed a real short one on 1. But other than that, I really never got it close to the hole until I hit a 6 iron on that one par 3, Stoney, to about two feet. But these are great holes. It's hard to fit it close out here. You've got to kind of play a little run-up. The greens are firm and fast. It's a great test.

Q. You mentioned being 2 over. How do you turn that around and kick start yourself? Is there something that you tell yourself or something that you did?
KENNY PERRY: No. You just got to keep plugging. Being at this thing long enough -- I'll never forget I won at Boston one year. Wednesday night I remember picking my bag over my head and slamming it on the range late Wednesday afternoon, I was so frustrated. I came out Thursday morning, and I made one swing on the range. And I said, you know, that's it. It was as simple as that. That was the swing I was looking for, the feeling I was trying to find. And I ended up turning that into four great rounds and winning the golf tournament, winning the one in New England there, in Worcester, the New England Classic in about '95 or '96, somewhere around in there. I always tell guys, you're never as far away as you think you are. So I always keep that in my head, knowing that, you know, I may be playing average golf, mediocre golf, but if I can get one feeling, one thought. Watson said something yesterday I caught on the air. He said, he went back to some of his old notes in his putting. We forget a lot of things, and I've got a lot of notes from Norman Head, my teacher, who taught me. I noticed a couple things. I was getting off my right side too fast, causing me to pull the ball. I've always been know to keep my right foot down at impact. So I really worked today on keeping my right foot down at impact, and I really didn't pull any drives. I pretty much hit it where I was looking and hit some quality iron shots, and the putter got hot. I woke up the first seven holes. So we need to kind of duplicate that tomorrow.

Q. Last thing, optimism for tomorrow because you've kind of got yourself back in it?
KENNY PERRY: It's always hard to back up a really good round, but I've done it. So I've got that on my side. I've got a little past history with that. So it may not happen tomorrow. But it's nice to always get in the hunt, to get the feelings, get the nerves, get the opportunity to try to win a major championship. It's always a neat thing to do.
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