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June 27, 2015

Miguel Angel Jimenez


THE MODERATOR: Miguel Angel Jimenez shot 67 today.

Q. Good round.

Q. Finished with a birdie on the last hole?

Q. Overall assessment of your game?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: I thought it was [indiscernible] you make under par, it's good, more under par is good. I would say the same thing. But today on the 4th with my 5 wood, out to four feet to the hole. And then I make bogey, bogey, and then I slow down again, make a birdie on the 9th and another birdie on the 11th. Bogey 12. And a few shots I missed down there. I'm playing very well, very solid. Missed three shots, made three bogeys. The golf course is miss the fairway, miss the green, it's tough to recover sometimes. In the rough, when you have a lie like that, it's impossible.

Q. Conditions have remained fairly consistent?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Very good. The condition of the golf course is great. The greens are very consistent. The rough is consistent. I think it's very well.

Q. Have you found much confidence on the greens?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: I make -- I think putting very close. I made the birdies on a few. Then I miss some little shots for birdie, 17 and 16. 4, I had a very good putt, you know. [Indiscernible] hitting pretty well, but very nice, but I need some more putts to shoot low. It's difficult to put the ball every time. Start on the 5th hole with a beautiful second shot. Beautiful third shot to put the ball like that. The pin high on the left. Make a very nice shot chip there. And then I make a beautiful second shot with the 5 wood on the 4th hole hit a beautiful driver, beautiful fairway. Just like that, four feet, you know. It's close. The 9th is the longest putt I make all day on the 9th. Put the ball up to the right side of the hole. From 30 feet from the hole with a little bit of slope. That's a very good putt there. That's the longest I make today. That's it.

Q. What about the way this course closes? You mentioned 16, 17 and 18 earlier. The finish of this course, what -- A. Very nice. Beautiful. I think it's very solid. 5 wood at 15th and have a very good third shot to try to make a birdie there. And then at the 16th, it's a tough hole. Yesterday we played from the forward tee. Now we were on the official tee. Now it's a dogleg to the right, but [indiscernible] you have to play there. I hit it beautiful there. Then I hit the 5 iron today. Beautiful shot there, just to the right side of the hole there for birdie. But I think it's a nice hole, tough. To hit the fairway from the tee, very important. Then on the 17th hole is a nice par 3. We play forward today with a little downwind today. I hit a 6 iron with the flag on the back left there. I hit a beautiful shot again. And I have 12 foot, something like that. Then the 18th is a great hole. Today into the wind, solid, just put it six foot, something like that. Make a birdie. Given that tomorrow is the final round and if the scores stand as they are, you're three strokes behind. Is that really a tough task to try to make up that much ground on Sunday?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Three shots is not that much. People play very well. You can see how consistent is Langer, how consistent is Monty. Perry is up there. I think he is 7, 8 under par today. I think he's very good. Play well, these guys, no. And if you could be in that, you have to fight, and you have to shoot low if you want to win the tournament, anyone.
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