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June 27, 2015

Peter Hanson


Q.テつ How nice was it to sneak off 18 with a birdie?
PETER HANSON:テつ It was nice.テつ I actually pushed the tee shot a little bit, aimed left with the water right.テつ It's a tricky pin.テつ It kind of floats away from you, so a chipped shot was pretty scary.

Q.テつ Obviously you had your injury problems last season, playing this year on The European Tour with career money earnings, how nice is it to be back playing as well as you are and how is the back holding up?
PETER HANSON:テつ Obviously it's great to be back.テつ I missed the game so much last year and came out late this year as well.テつ This is only my sixth or seventh event this year.テつ It's so nice to see the guys again and be back playing golf again.テつ You don't realise how much you miss it until you have to sit out.テつ Nice to be back.

Q.テつ How is the injury and how do you manage your playing schedule from now on going forward?テつ Can you play as much as you want to?テつ Or is it a case of making sure you do the right things to keep injury free?
PETER HANSON:テつ I'm going to try to play quite a bit.テつ I have to cut back on the practise a bit.テつ Some days are very good.テつ Some days are not so good.テつ Just have to manage it and look after it.
Obviously can't hit as many balls as I used to do when I was 25, but it's so nice to be back playing tournament golf again.テつ So looking forward to tomorrow now.テつ See what happens but they might be a few shots ahead.テつ Give it a good go tomorrow.

Q.テつ What is the game plan for tomorrow's final round now then?
PETER HANSON:テつ I think I'm going to stick to the same thing.テつ The course is playing brilliant.テつ The greens are superb.テつ If you get going a little bit, you get the better going, you can shoot low.

Q.テつ A pretty special knock, isn't it?
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, it was nice, to finish with a birdie on the last, it's a tricky pin.テつ It was nice to get away with a four there.

Q.テつ Rounds off the day very nicely.
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, it's nice.テつ You have chances out here but I have to say some of those pins today on the back nine were pretty scary.テつ I screwed up a little bit on 11, had a pretty easy second shot, hit in the water and made bogey but managed to pull myself back together and don't get too upset.テつ Came back with a birdie on 15 and 16 and at the last, so never give up.

Q.テつ I was going to ask why the course seems to be playing slightly harder.テつ
PETER HANSON:テつ Some of the pins you have to be a little bit careful with.テつ Like I said, 11, 18 is a tough one.テつ It kind of slopes away from you so it's not a fun way to lay up and hit a wedge into.テつ And where I hit it left, I had a pretty scary little chip shot down there.
Greens are good.テつ You can make putts.テつ Tuck the pins away and the scoring won't be as low as it was the previous two days.

Q.テつ Are the juices flowing now?
PETER HANSON:テつ It's fun being back in it but I'm very happy that I managed to come back as quick as I have.テつ I actually didn't expect that but it's nice to be up there again and hitting some decent shots and playing pretty steady golf.

Q.テつ You said yesterday about tempering expectations and such, but once you find yourself in this position, I appreciate you're a couple back, but there's a victory chance, isn't there?
PETER HANSON:テつ Maybe.テつ We'll see what happens on the front nine.テつ The boys still have another four or five holes to go.テつ A lot of things can happen.テつ But this course is beautiful.テつ The greens, I've never seen the greens as good as they are, so you can get the putter going, and we've seen some good runs for birdies here.テつ You have chances but you can also screw up pretty easy with all the water around the greens.

Q.テつ I take it the phone's been ringing with goodwill messages?
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, it's been nice being back.テつ Seeing the boys out here, it's nice.

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