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June 26, 2015

Caroline Wozniacki


B. BENCIC/C. Wozniacki
3‑0 [ret.]

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  What happened?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Well, I have had a slight back problem the whole week, basically.  Today it stiffened up more, and I felt like I couldn't move the way I wanted to and felt pain.
So, you know, I felt really bad for the crowd and everyone who had come out, but there's nothing really I could do about it.  It's all about for me now just to look ahead for Wimbledon that's starting in a few days.  You know, just get as much treatment as possible and be ready for my first round there.

Q.  Was this precaution you're taking rather than something that's actually going to threaten you being at Wimbledon this week?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Well, I'm definitely planning on playing Wimbledon next week.

Q.  Was it something you felt right from the start?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Yeah, it was.  I felt it from the last two, three days and the last two matches I have played, as well.  Especially in the beginning.  But then it kind of warmed up and I felt better.
Today it just felt even slightly worse, so, you know, I just felt like I won't win this way and I can only make it worse.

Q.  Are you feeling pain just in your back‑‑ low back, is it?

Q.  You were stretching out your hamstring...
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Well, everything goes together.  It's a chain.  So if you do one thing, it helps with the other things.  It's kind of the chain that the body has.

Q.  Is it particularly when you're serving or...
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  No, actually serving is good.  I could serve (smiling), which is weird.  But, yeah, serving is fine.
It's more the first ball after the serve.

Q.  You weren't tempted to fire down bombs and hope she couldn't get them back?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  Well, I don't think I could make ‑‑I have made nine aces in a match here, but I don't think I could make more than that.

Q.  Is there anything in the next couple of days that would stop you being there on Monday or Tuesday?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  No, I'm planning on playing.

Q.  Is it something you'd have to nurse through, nurse yourself through next week?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:  I'm going to go get treatment tonight.  I have my physio and osteopath in London, so I'm going to go there.  We are just going to start with the treatment straightaway as soon as I can.
You know, normally my body is very receptive to treatment, so hopefully I'm going to be fine in a couple of days.

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