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June 26, 2015

Lee Janzen


LEE JANZEN: Drink lots of water, stay in the shade. Orioles, I wish they could play the Red Sox more. Those are all good comments. You want comments about my game? I struggled in every facet of the game today, unfortunately, but that's golf, and you have to learn how to adjust sometimes on the golf course. Sometimes you can take a round where things aren't going well and turn them around and make it into something. So, I mean, it could have been worse. I didn't drive it well. I didn't hit the irons the way I wanted to. I didn't chip as well as I wanted to, and I had a chance to make some putts, and I didn't do that either. 72 probably isn't all that bad when you consider all of that. So I'd say I had a great opportunity to overcome some adversity, and I didn't do it.

Q. You're still in a good position, though?
LEE JANZEN: I'm under par. 5 under is going to be leading, so it's not bad. I'm not that far back. I need to play a good round tomorrow, though. I can't play like I did today.

Q. When the temperature is going to be down a little bit.
LEE JANZEN: That will be nice.

Q. Still be able to move around.
LEE JANZEN: Oh, yeah, 90 is -- it was hot today. I tried to be careful. Evansville, Indiana, we had a Web.com event three years ago, it was 108 every day, and it was humid. I was actually on a three-glove rotation. I couldn't wear a glove more than two shots in a row because it got that soaked with sweat. And you can tell I'm not really a huge sweater. So this is really not too bad. It's warm, and you still have to be careful about the heat. It is not even -- you know, it's not the hottest I've played in.

Q. Play well tomorrow.
LEE JANZEN: Thanks a lot.
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