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June 26, 2015

Peter Lawrie


Q.  Thoughts on your passion after two days?
PETER LAWRIE:  Delighted to be honest with you.  Got it back to level par today after six holes, so I was thinking, oh, my God, got to get myself in gear here to try to make the cut, and seven birdies coming in, so very happy.

Q.  One of those courses that you can get on a roll here, can't you.  There are plenty of opportunities.
PETER LAWRIE:  There are.  The greens are superb.  And I have the old trusty putter back in the bag and it's working very, very well at the moment.

Q.  What made the difference apart from the attitude; the form on the greens, was it?
PETER LAWRIE:  It was, very much so.  I hit the ball in close to be fair, but I didn't really miss anything that I could make.
Went to the shed on Monday after coming back from the French Open qualifying.  I said I need to find something, so had a root around, found the oldest one I could find and it worked wonders.

Q.  Tell us about the shed. 
PETER LAWRIE:  It's full of golf clubs.  I don't really give putters away at all.  I try to hold on to them.  So I have an array of different putters.  I found one that has been good to me before, so I brought it back out.  There's nothing neat in my shed and there's everything in it, but I knew what I was looking for, put it that way.

Q.  What had the putter achieved in the past?  It wasn't the Spanish Open one, was it?
PETER LAWRIE:  No, I brought it down to Australia two years ago and it got me my card back at the time.  It knows what to do and when to do it.

Q.  As does the man who is wielding it.
PETER LAWRIE:  Well, we'll see. 

Q.  Your thoughts now, because you've maneuvered yourself into a nice position.  I know we're only halfway but it's a good sign?
PETER LAWRIE:  It is.  I'm in a situation, this is my last week and I have nothing else on the horizon for the next couple of weeks.  So it's try and finish Top‑10 to play next week and see what happens.  So it's live or die at the moment.

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