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June 26, 2015

James Morrison


Q.  66 on a Friday, always nice heading into a weekend.  How about that finish?
JAMES MORRISON: Less it was a good finish.  I played great.  Played great all day.  Same as yesterday, really.  Carried on in the same vein.  Good finish.  Birdied on 17 and playing well.

Q.  Would you say conditions were pretty similar morning to afternoon?
JAMES MORRISON:¬† Very similar.¬† Light breeze this afternoon.¬† Nothing too bad.¬† Obviously playing in the morning it's very, very calm but in the afternoon‑‑ it's not playing a links course where it's a big difference in the afternoon.¬† You have to go low, like we spoke yesterday but still got to do it and I did that.

Q.  Overall with your game, what is giving you most satisfaction, what are you the most pleased about?
JAMES MORRISON:  Everything, really.  Keeping a lot of stats with my coach.  Just everything.  It's my fitness, it's my daily routine, it's my process, it's my putting.  It's everything.  I know it's cliché but it's literally as easy as that.  My biggest thing is my brain.  My brain wanders quite a bit in the past and I'm very hard on myself but biggest improvement is showing in my golf.
I've got my routine and what I do, very basic stuff, keeps me on the straight and narrow.  Try to think less.  It's little things that help.

Q.  Heading into the weekend now in this position you are, having tasted success just so recently, what advantage does that give you?
JAMES MORRISON:¬† Definitely a big advantage. ¬†Those feelings are pretty new still.¬† They are still there.¬† I'm playing well.¬† Looking forward to it.¬† Just trying to get back to doing what I'm doing and not think about winning, and all of a sudden I'm here with a chance to win with two days ago.¬† There's a long way to go.¬† It's a low‑scoring golf course.¬† I have to keep making birdies.

Q.  Chuffed with how you're playing and moving into this position?
JAMES MORRISON:  Very chuffed.  Getting into the same position I've been doing before and keep adding on that and keep the same thoughts and thought process and it's kind of working.  I'm playing good and I'm working really hard on my game.  Have done for a couple of years now.  Been playing this well for a while, the last year and a half or so.  But such a tough game to dominate at.  It's all kind of coming together really, and such fine margins between finishing 25th and winning.  It's literally a few putts here and there and I'm kind of doing that and I'm making some key putts at the right time.

Q.  Clearly it is coming together, including birdie after birdie of three and four holes to finish?
JAMES MORRISON:¬† Nice to finish that way.¬† I was bogey‑free until 14 and I kind of thought about that, and first putt was six, seven feet, the wrong line, the wrong pace.¬† Thinking, come on‑‑ this is getting away from what I'm thinking about.¬† Thinking about other things.¬† Let my guard slip for one hole and got back to it straight after that.¬† The thing is out here you have to keep going forward and I did that today.

Q.  Have you done some discipline or something to make sure that doesn't happen too often?
JAMES MORRISON:  I have done, yeah.  I know we all expect big things and we're hard on each other, I know that, but I've been hard on myself over the last few years.  My game has suffered for that.  I've kind of took it upon myself, because at The Scottish Open last year, hooked up with Lee (ph) and we've been great since, just calming things down and keeping things on the straight and narrow and I'm kind of doing that.  That's my biggest thing, always has been.  If I keep my head right, I'll do all right.
But working hard on every aspect of my game.  I'm fitter, I'm stronger, I'm longer, and using Callaway now and it's already kind of coming together and really enjoying it.

Q.  So does Lee or others recommend particular drills to keep you on the straight and narrow?
JAMES MORRISON:  Can't tell you that (laughing).  The yeah, thought processes and key words and key thoughts, and it's really helped me.  I saw him on the fourth tee this afternoon, it's an awkward feeling, every week you tee it up.  I said, look, it feels great.  I've put the work in behind the scenes.  Every time I tee it up, I'm ready to go.  My body is in good shape.  It's not often you get all those kind of things falling together and it's kind of coming together at the right time I'm enjoying it.

Q.¬† Almost feels like free‑wheeling, doesn't it?
JAMES MORRISON:  A little bit, for sure.  I guess if you want to look for the perfect mental thought, shouldn't matter where you are, winning or losing.  Same attitude the whole way.  I know it's hard to do when you're missing cut after cut, not as easy when you're winning.  But that's what I'm trying to do, keep moving forward and thinking properly and hopefully I can keep doing it.

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