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June 25, 2015

Scott Dunlap


THE MODERATOR: Scott Dunlap shot a 2 under par, 68.

Q. Scott, good round of golf in hot conditions. Four birdies, two bogeys. Was this what you wanted?
SCOTT DUNLAP: Yeah, tee to green, all I could hope for. Maybe could afford to free up the putter a little bit. If I rolled the ball with a little bit more pace, maybe one or two more would have been out there. But if you felt good about making three-footers regularly, you might do that. If I can do that, then yeah, no complaints.

Q. Any part of the game better than others today?
SCOTT DUNLAP: No. Drove the ball good, which you obviously have to do. I don't think I missed but a couple of fairways or at least maybe only two semi-rough shots. So could get the ball on the green and go from there. This one's playing like typical U.S. Open type stuff. Keep it out of the cabbage. If you do and some good iron shots, you'll have birdie chances. If not, take your medicine and move on.

Q. 16 and 18 are both playing tougher than most today.
SCOTT DUNLAP: Brilliant, what a great finish. The golf course is so good and tough there at the end. 18 isn't as long as 16, but the way that fairway and it's a funny angle. You've got to get the ball turning, but you don't want to hit it in the bunker. So it's just such a great tee shot. Then if you do, you got a club in your hand, you might make a 3. But then 16 is just beastly. Becomes a par 5 if you don't drive it in the fairway. So great finish is what you want for something this important.

Q. How about the conditions? It had to be brutally hot out there.
SCOTT DUNLAP: It's hot. There's just no other way to describe it. I mean, it might be a dry heat. But boy, you still feel it. Sought shade every chance I could and drank, drank, drank and stayed on it. Feel maybe slightly crampy, but I was pretty sure I was going to avoid that. Luckily, did. But yeah, it will be nice when it gets back into the low 90s.

Q. Had a good performance last year. Does that give you a little bit more of a mindset, I can take another step with this? I can go further?
SCOTT DUNLAP: Any of the USGA events, I don't know if it was Norman or someone talking about USGA, they always liked it because, if you made a bogey, you knew the game wasn't over. You just bide your time until something good happens. I like that kind of golf. I just think any time, when the conditions are like that, I show up with a good mindset. It's not a guarantee of success, but when you like your surroundings and the situation you're in, it never hurts.

Q. Were you surprised at all by the number of low scores in the morning wave?
SCOTT DUNLAP: No one knows. The Fox coverage was funny. What do you know about Del Paso? It's in California, I think. No one knows. You go through the golf course. I'm thinking, my goodness, 1 is the only reachable par 5 although 15 was up today and became reachable. I'm looking like, man, you know, anything under par has got to be good because there's no gimme birdies. Until you get out there, the greens have nice slope, but they're not silly. So I think you can make some putts. But I had no idea. 4 under is leading. That's about right, I guess.
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