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June 25, 2015

Chris Stroud


Q. 5-under par 65, you've got some good vibes around this place here?
CHRIS STROUD: I do. I've played here every year since 2007. I absolutely love this place. I don't know what it is. I didn't grow up on Poa Annua greens, but I guess the tee shots fit me, and I finally found something on the golf course as far as swing. I've been struggling with the ball striking this year. I hit a ton of balls on the range, really didn't find anything out, and this morning I kind of found something that works. My expectations are low. I'm putting well, which is really nice. My goal is to just go out there, give myself looks and get myself on the fairway. Don't do anything crazy, and see if I can use that putter.

Q. You've got the golf instructor in me intrigued now. Care to share that little something that you found?
CHRIS STROUD: It's really interesting because it's the first time in my career I've had to do this. I've always set up to a secondary target in front of me, and I've always had pretty good lines. I lineup pretty well. But every time I would lineup to that target and try to hit a ball over that target, I hit it to the right. So I'm lining up to that target, and then when I get over it I actually look just before I take it back, I look left of that target and I swing to that target left. All I can tell you is it worked. For this year, you know, it's been that kind of crazy year. I feel like I've been swinging it well. Not hitting the ball very solid, but today I think I figured out exactly why I wasn't hitting the ball solid. Through impact I was going out to the right. I didn't feel like I was, but you could see it on camera. So visually I needed to change a couple things. So I worked on that today and hit it really nicely.

Q. A really simple idea. I love that too. Conditions out there, the golf course and weatherwise?
CHRIS STROUD: Unbelievable. I cannot believe they got this golf course ready. I heard a few weeks ago it was unplayable. This golf course is always in tremendous shape. I know they had a really tough winter. This golf course is in immaculate shape. The rough is the thickest I've ever seen it. The greens are smooth and beautiful and healthy, and whoever got this golf course in shape, the greens superintendent and all the people on staff on TOUR, I'm very impressed.

Q. Tell us what went well today?
CHRIS STROUD: I finally hit the ball pretty decent. I've been struggling with equipment this year finding a shaft with my irons. Haven't been swinging the club that well. I think I figured something out today. I really hit the ball nicely, gave myself a lot of looks. I've been putting nicely since TPC Sawgrass PLAYERS. So I felt like the last few months I haven't been giving myself a lot of opportunities on the greens to make birdies, and today I did.

Q. Is this a confidence builder for you though?
CHRIS STROUD: It is. There are a lot of great tournaments that I like and I really enjoy them. It's just been a slow year for me. I haven't given up on anything. I still work hard just like I always do. I've been keeping my attitude up because I know that this game can turn around any second. Today was sort of one of those deals. I was hitting it pretty poorly yesterday in the Pro-Am. Hit a bunch of balls on the range, and didn't hit it that well. I came out this morning, and I had some ideas. Sure enough I kind of got something on the golf course and said let's try this, and I hit it great today. I'll be going on the range and working on it a little bit more. If I give myself a chance on the greens, I'm going to play well.

Q. Playing early a benefit?
CHRIS STROUD: Absolutely. Anytime you get second, third or fourth group off in the morning, absolutely. Greens are phenomenal. They roll beautifully, perfect holing speed. They're soft. It was a big advantage going early this morning, and it always is in any golf course we play unless it's really cold. So I was very happy to get the round over with. We didn't have much wind. We had a couple of gusts, but maybe this afternoon it might pick up a little bit. I'm sure I'll have a little bit of wind tomorrow afternoon.
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