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June 25, 2015

James Morrison


Q.  What were you aiming for heading out today?
JAMES MORRISON:  I guess you would be even more patient than normal purely because you know you've got to shoot a low score.  Someone Tweeted yesterday from The European Tour, the average winning score is minus 19 for the last 25 years or something.  You know you have to score well to play well, and you just have to put your head down and do it, really.

Q.  Well you did do that.  What was the real key out there today?
JAMES MORRISON:  Played really well actually.  Didn't hole a putt but shot 5‑under par.  Missed a few chances at the start and then kind of finished really strongly, but I played really, really well.

Q.  The season has been good, so this is just a continuation of that confidence and that form?
JAMES MORRISON:  Exactly, keep working on my form, keep working hard and keep getting better.  Any week, anyone can win, so just try to keep getting better.

Q.  Thoughts on 5‑under to start around here?
JAMES MORRISON:  Very happy.  As we know the scoring is always pretty low around here.  So been playing well coming into this.  It's nice to play a week that it's not going a gale like the last few weeks.  Played great all day and finished strongly.

Q.  Someone said the course is a lot tougher than it used to be, but are you conscious of shooting low from the start?
JAMES MORRISON:  I think you have to.  Any golf course when there's no wind, it's there to be taken.  Soft greens and the greens are running beautifully.  The greens are good and just got to keep going low.

Q.  What did you do particularly well?
JAMES MORRISON:  Everything.  Drove it good.  Hit it good.  Iron shots were good.  The back nine was my front nine, and just grazed the edges and getting a little frustrated.  I think I turned in 1‑under and the front nine is definitely a few more easier holes than the back nine.  Hung in there and made a few coming in.

Q.  How is your attitude now?  Spanish Open champion, you've got a win under your belt and you played well at Wentworth, going home the following week.  So aims, things changed?
JAMES MORRISON:  Same goals, same attitude.  I mean, obviously things are easy now that you've won but the same time I've really tried to stick to my just process, what I'm doing, same thing every week.  Do what I've done to get to where I am standing here right now playing better golf.
The thing is you're never that far out away.  You keep doing the same stuff.  Just want to keep getting better and keep playing well and see what happens.

Q.  Different people handle it in different ways.  Don't know if you've changed in the way that you've followed up from Madeira.
JAMES MORRISON:  I guess I'm more mature now.  Obviously Madeira, such a high and expectations go through the roof and your attitude doesn't reflect that.  I really try to stay on an even keel and match my attitude to my hard work, and it's kind of paying off.  Some great events coming in now, all the way through now to The Race to Dubai, so got to keep your head down and keep working hard.

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