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June 25, 2015

Jeff Hart


THE MODERATOR: Jeff Hart, 3 under, 67.

Q. Talk about the conditions of the golf course, how you were able to handle it.
JEFF HART: Well, it was about as easy, I think, as you'll see it. No wind. Fairways were relatively soft, which I think widened them because you could miss it a little bit left or right and it was still going to stay in the fairway. I know the last six holes are tough. Those are -- especially for me, a short hitter, 16, if the tees aren't up, I'm laying up. And 18, if I don't hit the fairway, which I didn't, I'm laying up there as well. Fortunately, I laid up on both holes and made par, got it up and down from 80, 90 yards, something like that, on both holes. If you're going to get the course, you better get it the first 12 because those last six are tough. I think you'll see some good scores today because there's no wind. And like I said, the fairways are pretty soft. Greens are firming up a little, compared to what we've seen in the practice rounds. Overall, I think you'll see a lot of good scores.

Q. Can you talk about what you did well today?
JEFF HART: I putted well. Yeah, I putted well. It does. I didn't miss too many fairways until I think 16 and 18 were the only -- I missed another one somewhere, but it was like first cut. I think 8. There might have been something else I missed in there. But for the most part, I was in every fairway. Really, 16 and 18, I'm probably laying up. 16, I'm probably laying up anyway, even if I'm in the fairway, so it doesn't really matter that much to me. 18, I fell asleep a little bit off the tee and hit it in a left trap, which was just -- yeah, just wasn't paying attention, really. I should never have hit it there. Anyway, I thought the course played about as easy as it could play. I think it's going to get tougher from here on out, in my opinion.

Q. Does it surprise you when Tom Watson does this at this age?
JEFF HART: No, no. I mean, he still hits it great. No, nothing surprises you with Tom. He's fabulous.

Q. Played well in a couple of Senior Majors [indiscernible] the last time, a little further back in the Senior PGA. What has been the secret for the ride?
JEFF HART: I don't have a secret. I wish I did. I'd write a book and make millions, but I don't know. I think here, the rough being what it is, fairways are certainly a premium. You need to get it in the fairway, I think, and that's my forte. I don't hit it very far. I think that helps. In some of the Majors, they grow the rough a little bit higher, and I think that probably helps me.
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