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June 25, 2015

Hale Irwin


THE MODERATOR: Next up on the podium, Hale Irwin, who shot an even par round of 70.

HALE IRWIN: I promise to tell the truth.

Q. Tell us about your round today. What was working for you?
HALE IRWIN: Nothing. Well, I'm trying to gather what was working because it was kind of a labor out there. I wasn't -- I have not been nor did I today play particularly well. I hit enough good shots to have some opportunities. I hit enough bad shots to take away those opportunities. I had mentioned yesterday, if I could post four 70s, I would be very happy with that. Probably would not win, but it would be a good, achievable score for me. So I'm one leg of the quadruple crown there. But I played probably half the holes out there pretty well. The other half are very dodgy, scrape it around. You hit it in the rough here, you're almost assuredly going to make a bogey or threaten one. I made a couple of nice putts to keep the round together. There's plenty of room for improvement, but at the same time, I can't complain about the score. That's ultimately what we're trying to get is the score. How you get there is -- no pictures are being painted.

Q. Most guys have been saying that the key is to keep it in the fairway off the tee?
HALE IRWIN: Absolutely.

Q. Do you agree?
HALE IRWIN: Absolutely, you have to keep it in the fairway. Otherwise, the rough is just too difficult. And the shots coming into some of the hole locations today, there were some pretty dicey ones out there next to some mounds, near some of the shelves. You had to be very careful where you put your second shot, or third, whichever it may be. But the greens were relatively receptive. But again, it depends on where you landed. If you're coming in from a long distance, I had a couple of shots that were very nice shots, long shots, however, so the trajectory is low and they hit the green on a downslope and went right through the green. So some of that is luck and some of it is just knowing the course. For me, it's only the third time. I only played two practice rounds. So every round is a familiarity contest to see if you can remember. I couldn't remember the 8th hole when we got here. I can't remember the 8th hole. What's the 8th hole? Until I got on the tee. I'm still trying to figure the golf course.

Q. Is there a certain part of the course you feel like you might be able to get after it more than other parts?
HALE IRWIN: No. I think the course is after me. I'm running scared. I got that 18-hole monster chasing me. No, there are a few holes that you might look at and feel a little more comfortable. I think all of us are uncomfortable at 16. That's just a tough, long hole for me particularly. I'm not hitting the driver very far at all. So that's a very difficult hole. You know, those last four, five holes are tough. They are tough. Depending on the tee location on the 15th hole, if they play it 600 something yards, it's a long, long hole. I don't care who you are. It's a long hole. So it's still trying to figure it out, the right lines to aim at and to take. Some of the second shots into the greens are tough. What is that, 3? Second shot into 3 is very difficult because there's just not much green there to hit.

Q. The warmer weather will affect things, the course throughout the weekend, and the players too.
HALE IRWIN: I think if you let -- it will have some effect, undoubtedly. I'm ready to go in. And I don't think it's going to be -- if they syringe it the way they're indicating, saying they are, I think it will be fine. This kind of heat will -- the greens will track up a little bit, I think. It will dry it out some. It was a little bit -- not wet, but it was a little softer on the first couple of practice rounds than it was today. So it should dry it out. But the greens, again, it's going to come down to you got to hit the fairways because you can't hold the greens from the rough even if you can get there. When the greens firm up, it's going to be that much more difficult.

Q. You said you're ready to go in. You've got to play in the later part of the afternoon tomorrow.
HALE IRWIN: I wish I could say I was less than 70 years old, but I'm 70 years old. That's not over the hill, but the hill's real close. There's a lot of hills out there. This course may look flat to some, but I see a lot of mountains out there. You have to kind of pace yourself, certainly. I don't care who you are. It's drink the fluids, and I'm as hungry as I am thirsty right now, just didn't have a big breakfast. I don't like to eat a lot in this kind of weather, but I'm hungry now.

Q. Go to it. Thank you.
HALE IRWIN: I'm going to go eat, boys.
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