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June 25, 2015

Craig Stadler


THE MODERATOR: Next up on the podium will be Craig Stadler.

CRAIG STADLER: I have no idea why I'm in here.

Q. Obviously, it was a tougher day for you out there. Can you take us through what were some of the struggles for you?
CRAIG STADLER: Just to finish, you know. Played the last three, four over par. Hit three horrid iron shots. But what Tom was saying, I did everything that I was supposed to do. I drove the ball really good today, and I couldn't hit an iron to save my life. I think I missed three fairways, and I did not get anything over wedge on the green from the 13 fairways I hit or whatever, the 11 that I hit. Just ridiculous with the irons. Finished the way I hit my irons all day, so sloppy.

Q. More you than really the course is what you're saying? You like the way the course is set up and playing?
CRAIG STADLER: Yeah, it was set up good today. I said I drove the ball really well, gave myself every chance to play well. Just couldn't hit an iron on the golf course.

Q. How do you think the hot weather -- you'll be playing in the afternoon tomorrow. How that will change the course as well as maybe affect some of the players?
CRAIG STADLER: I'm sure the afternoon will be a little faster than it was today. Greens were fairly firm this morning. I think it will be a little firmer in the afternoon. But like everybody said, if you drive it in the fairway, it's very playable. It's a good test, good solid, good long, good hard golf course.
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