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June 25, 2015

Tom Watson


THE MODERATOR: Tom Watson, round of 66.

TOM WATSON: 66, huh? Fire away. What do you want to know?

Q. Obviously, you did quite well out there.
TOM WATSON: Well, it was a good day. Starting off on the back nine, I made a long putt on the 11th hole after missing a short birdie putt on 10 from about six feet. I made up for it after that. I played some pretty awkward shots on 13 and 14, the tough holes on the back side. I didn't play those holes well, but I got the ball up and down both times, which was good. Then I came to 16, and I had about a 190 carry over the water, and I just didn't hit a very solid shot. It ended up just plugging in the bank there, and ended up making double bogey there. It was just -- it wasn't that great a back nine opening round, but it was -- I was in the tournament at even par. I made a good up and down at No. 18, and I hit it over the green in two and got it up and down there. Then the front nine, things started to roll. I made a long putt at the 2nd hole for birdie. It was a nice, about a 50-footer. Made a long putt at the second hole on the back nine too, starting out. So I made some field goals. I made some back-to-back birdies later on in the back nine to end up 4 under par on the back nine that I played. It's a little bit easier nine. It's a little bit shorter. It's a par 34. It's a little bit easier nine. You still have to drive the ball in the fairway. If you don't drive the ball in the fairway, you're cooked. I missed one drive, got a really good break, hit it up on top of the hill, the 4th hole, par 5, and it was up in the dry grass, and I could hit a shot from the dry grass. It wasn't in the gnarly stuff. I tell you one more thing. On the last hole, I had a putt to shoot my age. I had a putt to shoot 65, and I was grinding on that thing, and it was going down there, and I started off on a pretty good line and then it started breaking kind of where I thought it was going to break. I said just hold this line, hold this line. Didn't hold this line. But that would have been nice to shoot 65 in a U.S. Open.

Q. Do you think you can score as well tomorrow, given some of the changing conditions and you'll be out in the afternoon?
TOM WATSON: I have no idea.

Q. What are your thoughts on the course out here in Sacramento?
TOM WATSON: The golf course is in marvelous shape. It's a really, really good test for an Open championship, a U.S. Open championship. If you don't hit the ball in the fairway -- you know, that's the definition of a U.S. Open. You miss the fairway, you are dead, or you're really going to have to find a way to get the ball close on your third shot or your fourth shot, depending on if it's a par 4 or par 5. That's the way it should be. That, to me, when I think U.S. Open, those are the conditions I think of.

Q. You think that the warm weather, the hot weather today, tomorrow, how much of that will change the golf course heading into the weekend?
TOM WATSON: Well, it seems like there's quite a bit of moisture on the golf course. I don't think it's going to dry it out tremendously. It will dry it out some, but the main thing is where's the shade? Usually, you have your diagram on your book that says all right, here's the bunker, here's the green like this. Now you have a diagram, here's the shade over here, the shade over here, there's a shade behind the tee over there. That's what you're looking for right now.
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