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June 25, 2015

Michael Allen


THE MODERATOR: Up next on the podium will be Michael Allen. He shot a first round 3 under, 67.

Q. The tees were up, expected to be brute par 4s. It looked like No. 8, your 17th actually kind of played the toughest. What was your take?
MICHAEL ALLEN: It was certainly the toughest for me. I played beautifully all day. Pete kind of thought I should maybe hit a 3 wood off that hole because the tees were up, kind of take the bunker out of play. I didn't miss a fairway all day, and that one I did. I missed it just right. I hit in the bunker, thought I hit a beautiful shot out of the bunker. It's just like it had no bite at all and ran across the green, down the hill on the other side. I made double there. It was certainly the hardest hole for me. Having said that, the course, I thought they set it up nice. They moved the tees up a bit so some of those holes like 16 weren't quite as ridiculous or -- not necessarily ridiculous, but as long. I still hit a beautiful drive on a nice little 4 iron in there today. It's still playing, still got some teeth out there. I thought it was a lot more reasonable, more kind of what I expected it to be.

Q. Before I get out of the way for the real questions, do you have any recollection of winning the Hangtown Classic in the 1980s?
MICHAEL ALLEN: Now that's doing some research. I sure do, yeah. I think I remember that was the first time I started drinking vodka grapefruit. But I remember that I did win that, and they brought me out, and they hang you in effigy off a tree there. I met some great people up there, had some great times for about two or three years. I wish I'd get my motorcycle and go ride through there again because I loved those times. That's like my first victory I ever had, I think, was the Hangtown Open. I couldn't even remember back that far, probably 25, 22, you know. I was able to drink at that time.

Q. Do you still use the same [indiscernible] vodka cranberry?
MICHAEL ALLEN: I'm not opposed to it, you know.

Q. What have you done to kind of battle the elements? I know it's not as hot as it will be later today, but you'll have to deal with it tomorrow afternoon.
MICHAEL ALLEN: What I did, I went from beautiful Boston and Rhode Island, where it was actually cool. We needed a sweater. I went back to Phoenix last week for three or four days. This is nice compared to that. It's warm, but I didn't find it bad out there at all today. Tomorrow it's going to be a little hotter, but I'm ready for it. I don't think it's terrible out. I know I did play here last time in the qualifying, it was about 105 and played 36 holes. And I don't know if I could actually make it to dinner that night because I was worn out. But 18 holes out here, I mean, I'd rather keep in the sun than in the shade. It's not bad. It's a nice walk out here. It's really a pleasant, easy course to walk.

Q. How do you like the course, the setup, the conditions?
MICHAEL ALLEN: I think it's great. I mean, it was fair enough today where I drove the ball beautifully all day. I was in the fairway basically all the holes except 1. So I thought from the fairway, you could be aggressive. You could play the golf course. You could shoot at some birdies. And it was a much longer course than we're used to playing in a Champions Tour, but I thought it was still very fair and reasonable. I thought it was a beautiful setup.

Q. Watson is 4 under playing the last hole.
MICHAEL ALLEN: I know. I just didn't know he was playing that well. It's always great to see all these USGA champions all over. I think it's great. He's our biggest draw we have out here. He and Fred Couples. Tom always plays when he can. We cherish him being out here and to see him play great is -- it's wonderful. It shows these great old champs are great old champs for a reason.
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