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June 25, 2015

Bob Niger


BOB NIGER: That was nice. Kind of an honor to lead off the tournament. I appreciated that opportunity. So that was great.

Q. How different was the course playing today versus what you've been playing earlier?
BOB NIGER: I thought today the greens might have been just a little bit firmer, but I think generally speaking, the course played pretty similar to the practice rounds. And I think they set it up about maybe as friendly as they're going to set it up. I mean, as far as length off the tees and so on, I thought that was pretty friendly.

Q. You were one of the lucky ones. You got to go out early.
BOB NIGER: I'll get mine tomorrow.

Q. Talk about, can you imagine, 3:00, 4:00, with the players having to walk in that heat?
BOB NIGER: I can imagine it. I live here. It's not that hard to imagine. I think most people out here would prefer that over being cold because we're all seniors. So being warm is preferable.

Q. Is there a point where it's too hot, though?
BOB NIGER: You know, once it gets over 95, I'm not sure it matters. You're going to be sweating and drinking water and towelling off and everything else. So I don't think it's going to be a problem.

Q. You felt good today?
BOB NIGER: I didn't feel like my game was very sharp. I was managing my game pretty well for half the round. I did have a penalty from my ball moving on the green when I addressed it on the 11th hole. That was the cause of the bogey there. But I felt through the first 13, 14 holes, I was striking the ball reasonably well. As I say, I was kind of holding things together. I don't feel like my swing's in a great spot at the moment.

Q. You said the greens are a little firmer than you expected for day one. Can you imagine what it's going to be like as the tournament goes on?
BOB NIGER: Not firmer than I expected, firmer than the practice rounds. It's definitely going to get firmer, and you're going to try to land on the front of the green on a lot of shots. I think that's to be expected.

Q. How about the score?
BOB NIGER: Well, I haven't scored well here since I've been practicing on it for a year. So it's a tough golf course. If you hit it off the fairway, it beats you up. It's hard to get close to the hole with the greens being firm and hard to make putts. But somebody's going to do it today, just wasn't me.
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