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June 23, 2015

Marcel Siem


Q.  Overriding emotions from the U.S. Open?
MARCEL SIEM:  You get to Sunday, and Sunday was a day where you're like, oohh, I don't want to play here to be honest.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you dial in.  You have to try to start getting positive about the golf course, which I was, and I was quite happy with my game overall.  Just putted really, really poorly.
Tee to fairway, it was pretty easy.  I think it was easier than a normal U.S. Open, and fairway to green was all right, as well.  But it was a little funky around the green.

Q.  A lot of negativity surrounding it; is it a matter of forgetting it and getting on with it?
MARCEL SIEM:  I think that's what always happens when you play majors.  They tried that at The Open, as well.  Always try to beat the pros in a way, that nobody is getting under par.
So like you said, you should try to forget as quick as possible, and, yeah, a little easier for me coming back to my home course in a way.  I'm really positive about that and can't wait to get out there.

Q.  How are you feeling about playing your home event, playing in front of the crowds, the galleries, does that always help lift your game?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, definitely.  I love to play in front of the crowds in Germany.  My year wasn't that good so far, and so I think it's going to help me a lot to have the 12th man on the pitch, so to say.  Can't wait to see that and hopefully going to make a lot of birdies to have a few fist pumps and a lot of emotions of the crowds.

Q.  Will you be emotionally drained coming from the other side of the Atlantic?
MARCEL SIEM:  No, I'm okay.  I'm okay.  Nine hours is quite a bit of difference.  First night was a little rough but I slept okay last night.  Got the kids and the family around, so that's easier to stay awake in the afternoons, played with the kids, and yeah, go to bed tired.  I think I'm doing pretty good at the moment with the jet‑lag.

Q.  And your daughter's first birthday I understand.  Is there a split responsibility today?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, I'm done now:  30 minutes, a few balls on the range and then we have a little birthday party.

Q.  And just a bit on Jordan Spieth, how impressive has he been for you this year?
MARCEL SIEM:  To win two majors and having a chance to win all four, it's always great.  For me, he's the best putter out there at the moment.  It's amazing how well he putts and how steady he plays, mentally very strong for his age, very impressive.

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