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June 22, 2015

Ekaterina Makarova


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You're one of the only two players who are ranked top 10 in both singles and doubles.テつ That must be quite exciting.
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Exciting?テつ Well, yeah, it's a nice part of my career, and I'm really enjoying to play both and really good and enjoying them both.
I have a great partner, and it's always fun and really friendly on court and off court.テつ So, yeah, I'm so happy that I actually reached the top 10 in both.

Q.テつ What's the hardest part for you when you adjust your game to the grass?テつ What do you find the most difficult to settle into the surface?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Well, I think here it's really important to get the rhythm of this game, because here everything is much faster and much lower a little bit, so you should be all the time really low.
Yeah, this is I think the ‑‑ really important serve, of course.テつ It's also really important on this surface.テつ I like this surface, and I was growing on the synthetic grass when I was a kid, so maybe that's why it's a little bit like kind of used to it.

Q.テつ To what extent was your run that's taken you into the top 10, can you make a link between winning the tournament here when you were ranked 100?テつ Was that the start of something?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Well, here I think was one of my best tennis actually at this tournament through the quallies, and I won the tournament.テつ I just remembered like I was playing with kind of close my eyes and really hitting everything.テつ It was everything in.テつ It was amazing feeling, actually.
I don't know.テつ I think it started a little bit later, but this tournament definitely gives me a lot emotions and I believe in myself that I can be a really good player.

Q. テつHow do you set your expectations for this week and then for Wimbledon itself?テつ You were a quarterfinalist there last year.
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ I don't want to say anything like some expectation, but I'm really enjoying to play on grass.テつ Really waiting for the Wimbledon.テつ I like that tournament.
My parents coming also like it was last year, and we are at a house and my mom will cook and it will be kind of like at home with Russian food.
So, yeah, I'm really hoping that I will be healthy and really enjoying and play my best tennis.

Q.テつ For many years there was a view in tennis that left‑handers have an advantage.テつ Do you think that still exists on grass?テつ Because you have the slider serve to the ad court.
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Yeah, I think definitely yes.テつ It's really feeling more advantage on grass, because I was serve, I was some different shots, you know.
I can feel it a little bit more advantage than on the other surfaces.

Q.テつ Do you practice the slider out wide specifically for grass?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ No, I practice like it's normal, like always practicing (smiling).テつ But it feels differently.

Q.テつ How do you feel about having the extra week between the French Open and Wimbledon?テつ Is that helpful?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ I don't know.テつ I like it like it was before, because I had some week off after Wimbledon, and then I had kind of like two or a little bit more weeks to get ready for America.テつ And now it's a little bit everything like less weeks and not much offテつ and then I need to get ready for America.
But here actually was also really good, because I didn't play Birmingham and I practiced like 10 days at home.テつ So I think we will see how the tournaments will go.

Q.テつ Someone who plays well on grass, this is an opportunity for you to get more ranking points if you play an extra week.テつ There is a week more.
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Yes, but I wanted to stay home (smiling).

Q.テつ That Russian food?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ It's different emotions, and I love all the time to come back to my family, to my friends, to practice out there.テつ I love Moscow and I'm like really enjoying that time at home.

Q.テつ I remember the first time I interviewed Anastasia Myskina.テつ She talked about wanting to go home all the time, being homesick and always wanting to go back to Moscow.
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Yeah, I think it's kind of some personal like more in the family.テつ That's why maybe we have this feeling.テつ It's kind of okay to do tournament by tournament.
But I'm trying, yeah, all the time to go back home.

Q.テつ You need more tournaments in Russia.

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