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June 21, 2015

Viktor Troicki


A. MURRAY/V. Troicki
6‑3, 7‑6

Q.  Viktor, can you please give us your thoughts on the match.
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, yeah, I had a bad luck yesterday falling down.  I had a bad luck and a good luck that I stopped right after my fall in the first set.
Andy started well.  Today when we started again, he started playing really good, returned well.  He took the first set pretty easy.  But then I relaxed more and started playing more offensive.
I think it was a good, quality match.  I had chances, had my chances in the second.  I was break up.  I should have used it.  But Andy is a great player on the grass.  Maybe that's his favorite surface.  He moves unbelievable, defends great.
So, yeah, it was a lot of great points and I think the match was good.  I was a bit unlucky to lose that set, but I'm happy the way I played during the week.  Looking forward to Wimbledon.

Q.  How is your shoulder?  How much did it restrict you today?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, yeah, obviously it was bothering me.  I had to take the painkillers, and it's feeling very sore.  You know, it's not really great.
But when I decided to go on the court, I just felt ‑‑I mean, I just wanted to forget about it and think about my game, not about the shoulder.
And, yeah, I think I did a good job regarding that even though it was a bit sore, even though I could feel it during some shots.

Q.  Do you have any idea at the moment how it will be looking forward to the next tournament or Wimbledon?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, yeah, I'm scheduled to play Nottingham.  I'm going to go there later on today, tonight.  We'll see.  It all depends.  I don't want to risk too much definitely going into my favorite Grand Slam.
I'm feeling good and playing good.  I want to be ready for that one.  So we will see how I feel on the match in Nottingham.  If I'm ready to play, I will play.  If not, we will do something else.

Q.  Finally, how do you view your season so far?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, definitely there have been ups, downs, and ups.
Started great.  Won the title in Sydney.  After that, continued playing okay.  But then on clay season, I didn't play that great since, yeah, I didn't make too many good results on clay.
And now back on grass, you know, I'm feeling great.  Made the finals in Stuttgart, semis in Queen's, which is great for me.
Yeah, I'm feeling very confident and playing good tennis.  So I think next few months I can improve even more.

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