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June 21, 2015

Adam Scott


Q. Saved the best for last?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I needed to make a run today and it was interesting as I went along just to see how the course was set up. It was set up quite short I thought today. And look, I played really well and I took advantage of some of the holes playing a bit shorter and didn't have any disasters out there and hit a few good shots and took advantage of them. It's kind of what I needed to even think about having a chance. But you never know what can happen in these events. And even though it's not playing long and tough to finish and the wind is down, it's tough to hole out down the stretch of a major. So it will be fun the next couple of hours for me to watch.

Q. Dustin is down to 5-under, and at 4-under you're right there. This championship could be yours, still?
ADAM SCOTT: I mean, look, I'd take anything. I'd love to come back and play 18 holes tomorrow and have another shot at it. I feel like I had nothing to lose today and everything to gain. And I knew I was playing well and I just couldn't quite put it all together the first three days. And I really wanted to today. It was a big effort for me today. To be honest, it's the kind of round I needed to get things going for me this year, hopefully.

Q. If it is a little short, you're taking a lot of movement heading to The Open Championship?
ADAM SCOTT: Yes, absolutely. I've been working hard at it and I just haven't figured out what it is. And putting it altogether, it's been frustrating for sure. But this is the kind of event where you have to put all of that frustration aside and keep your patience, and I did that well this week. Every day I could have been a little upset with how things went out there for me because I felt I played pretty good. Today I got all the reward.

Q. Did you see some early players making a lot of birdies on the shorter setup and did that affect your mindset going out like you could go for it?
ADAM SCOTT: Not really. I wasn't really aware Rory was going well until the turn. But when I went through the pins before the round I looked and saw there seemed to be so many pins that you can really take advantage of the slope and feed it in there quite close with a good shot. So I knew if I could get the ball in the fairway I'd have a chance to take advantage of some of these pins. And fortunately I did that most of the day today.

Q. Can I ask you about Jason Day. Obviously he's still out there but the strength it's taken him to come out again today?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, it's a hell of an effort. I really have no idea what he must be dealing with because I've never done it. When you're not feeling well at all, playing a U.S. Open isn't a lot of fun. And something very serious like that, you know, he's a tough, tough kid. He's got a lot of heart and he's always showing that, but he's just proving it again today.

Q. As you were coming down the stretch did you have a number that you thought you were aiming for that could possibly get you into the playoff?
ADAM SCOTT: Not really. But I teed off or I came to the course thinking that if I got to under par it would be all right, and then I saw the setup and I kind of thought that might not be enough. So toward the end I wanted to get a couple of birdies coming in. I knew 18 is a 5 and 16 is drivable. There are going to be a lot of birdies there. So it was important, I thought, late in the round to get to 3 and post and at least have the leaders think about things through to the 15th before they get their opportunities at 16 and 18.

Q. Congratulations on the low round of the week.
ADAM SCOTT: Thank you.
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