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June 21, 2015

Nick Hardy


Q. So I was actually out on 14, watched you out there. You got that nice approach shot in there and then a birdie putt. Again, a great round at 2-under. That was just one of the key holes. But other holes that maybe helped you a lot?
NICK HARDY: I hit the ball good all week, I felt like. Today I hit it even a little better. I hit pretty much every fairway. Today I played really smart. I still putted pretty poorly. I putted poorly all week, that's what held me back really. I putted better on the back. I had some birdies today and I struggled to make birdies all week. Today I just strung a few together, so that's why I was able to go low.

Q. Tell me about the crowd and the environment here. Did that encourage you at all?
NICK HARDY: First time being in the tournament like this with all these fans. I thought it was really cool and I thought the fans were great. Out here it's hard to know exactly where your ball went, but with the fans here you know where it went. If you were playing alone, you would have no idea until you got up to it. A lot of holes are like that. So it's cool to have fans here to know where your ball is.

Q. When you came here, did you have any expectation of I want to be a low amateur?
NICK HARDY: My goal was to be low Am and make the cut. But I go to every tournament trying to win it, so I don't think I'm going to get low Am, but I did make the cut. I was able to play the weekend. Obviously didn't putt well enough to be in contention, but I was -- I'm pretty pleased with how this week went.

Q. You just finished your sophomore year at Illinois?
NICK HARDY: No. Just finished freshman year.

Q. Got to feel pretty good about what's ahead in the future?
NICK HARDY: Yeah, I hope to on the back at many more of these. It's good to get my first one out of the way. I still got plenty of years left in college, going to just try to keep getting better. Hopefully after that have more tournaments like this.
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