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June 20, 2015

Branden Grace


BRANDEN GRACE: I actually played some great golf and the concentration slipped a little bit around the turn. I'm still happy. I'm still in a good position, I'm grinding away. It was a good day out there. But it was tough and I'm looking forward to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

Q. To be going out in that last group right there at the end, sharing a lead in the U.S. Open, that's a pretty spectacular opportunity?
BRANDEN GRACE: Yes, it is. Like I mentioned yesterday, we all dream of this and we all practice for this, so it's a matter of fact if you grab it or you don't. I played really good today under the pressure. Going 1 behind going into the third round, moving day, was a tough one. I think I'm in a good frame of mind after today going into tomorrow. Tomorrow is just going to be another tough grind. The course really firmed up towards the end and played really bouncy and tricky. They tried to catch us with a couple of holes like 15, 16, and 17. Pushing the tee boxes up so far really toughened it up. It was a tough grind. I'm just happy I'm still in a good position.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRANDEN GRACE: I tell you, I was actually heading towards that after I think three three-putts in five holes. But it's just so easy to do on this golf course, your concentration slips when you're making bogeys out there. Dustin played great golf, as well. He just mentioned to me on the 18th walking down the fairway, he said it's the first time in his life he's hit all the fairways in a round. That's superb on a golf course like this. That's really some ball striking of note. He slipped on 13 with a double. But it happens quickly on this golf course. If you have damage, just keep it small and don't let the big numbers creep in.

Q. Talk about tomorrow and the opportunity.
BRANDEN GRACE: I'm stoked. I can't wait. Tomorrow is going to be a good one. Like I said, this is what we play golf for. So it's my dream to lead a tournament or tying the lead. I don't know what Jordan made on the last. To go into a tournament like the U.S. Open, having a chance to win my first major is something special.

Q. 4 and 13, they kind of go into that embankment. Why are those holes so tough?
BRANDEN GRACE: You know, actually, 13, I actually hit a good drive. I just literally thinned my second shot. I had a straightforward 8-iron for my second shot, trying to pitch it 15 yards short and let the slope take care of the rest. Just hit it over the green. Actually hit a good putt. I just misjudged the slopes a little bit. I thought it was going to turn quite a bit from left-to-right at the beginning and then right-to-left at the end. Just didn't do it at the beginning of the putt. But it's a tricky golf course. If you let it slip and you get the wrong bounce you're looking at making bogeys. You just have to try to keep those things off the scorecard and make those pars. I think a good, level round tomorrow might just do it.

Q. Jordan had a par on the 18th. Would you ever imagine to play an extra round on Monday?
BRANDEN GRACE: No. I think if that happens, you just go for it. I think if that's the situation, it's pretty much a bonus. Obviously you're going to try to win it tomorrow, all four of us are going to try to do our best and try to finish it up. But a big up to Jason as well, to play 2-under par on a day like today, especially with the way he's feeling, show some character, I'm sure all the fans enjoyed it, as well.
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