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June 20, 2015

Cameron Smith


Q. You just keep rolling on.
CAMERON SMITH: Today was an awesome experience. I felt like there was a few more people out there today, obviously probably being at the back of the field. But I just kept it in myself and just kept playing.

Q. You're going to be in one of the final groups on a Sunday in your first major. Can you put that into words. Did you expect this could be a possibility?
CAMERON SMITH: No, not really. It's like a dream come true, really. That's all I can say.

Q. Must be a bit disappointed to break that 70s promise.
CAMERON SMITH: No, I'm not. I'm happy with 1-under. I played pretty well today. Got off to a bit of a rusty start, but brought it back on the back nine.

Q. With a bit more luck you might have gotten lower.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I missed a couple of putts on the back nine, the front nine I scrambled pretty well. I was pretty fortunate to get out of there with 1-over. And then just went back to my game plan and a few putts dropped on the back nine.

Q. Is the game plan to keep exactly what you've been doing going again? But Sunday is going to be another beast again.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. The game plan today was adding pars, get out there and play smart and just putt it well. That's been the game plan all week. And if I can do that tomorrow, hopefully be in with a shot.

Q. Does this remind you of anywhere you've played before?
CAMERON SMITH: No, not really. It's quite different to everywhere else. But I like it.

Q. What about it do you like?
CAMERON SMITH: Just the shot making. You have to hit every shot. Sometimes it's a bit like you just throw the yardage book out and hit a shot. I like that kind of golf. And I think it's a good challenge.
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