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June 20, 2015

Jack Maguire


Q. This being your first open, making the cut, what was your mindset going into today?
JACK MAGUIRE: Same as it's always been, just have fun, compete. I love to compete no matter what field or what event. I had a game plan out there with my caddie and just sticking with that and executing it.

Q. What went right for you today?
JACK MAGUIRE: I would say it's around the greens, my short game. When I missed a green, for the most part, I would hit a good approach shot and give myself a good look at par and made a lot of par saves out there. Missed a few birdies coming in, but also made a few good pars.

Q. This experience, going back to Florida State, will it help you going forward?
JACK MAGUIRE: I think so. For the long run, I think it's definitely going to help just handle pressure and handle situations like this. Not many shots you can relax on out there. I think it's really going to help, especially on a course like this when there's spots that you cannot miss it and some pins if you go at it, it's not the best play. Just execution and playing smart other than aggressive.

Q. Were there any holes that gave you difficulty throughout this weekend so far?
JACK MAGUIRE: I would say 10. Not that it's particularly a tough hole, I think just because I put myself in a bad position off the tee there. Other than that, there's a couple hard holes out there. I think 13 is tough, just because of that drive. If you get that drive going too far in that bunker, you are in a bad spot. I have been laying back with 3-wood and having a long iron going in. That's been tough there. Other than that I think it's just a couple errant drives here and there.

Q. Did the weather and the wind play a factor in the way you played today?
JACK MAGUIRE: Not too badly.

Q. It's been warmer today than the past couple of days?
JACK MAGUIRE: The wind hasn't -- like I said yesterday, I enjoy flying the ball. I like to work the ball a lot. The wind helps that. If there is a right-to-left wind, I like to play it off the wind or hold it up against it. The wind doesn't affect me too much.
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