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June 20, 2015

Charlie Beljan


Q. Red one is a nice number on moving day. Describe your round. How did things go for you?
CHARLIE BELJAN: Red one is a great round on moving day. Looking forward to one more tomorrow. Started off tough. We were two over, then just hung in there. Made a couple good par putts then cruised along, made the nice 2 on No. 12, the drivable. We've played that hole 4-under for the week. Anything even par, 1-under, we were going to be making a big move.

Q. In that vein, moving towards the top, you sort of watch everybody else in the afternoon and afternoons tend to make courses a little bit tougher. Does that give you a little bit of incentive to think maybe I've got a shot here?
CHARLIE BELJAN: The way I'm hitting it right now, and if I found a little something on the putting green, this course you can go out and shoot a 3- or 4-under. I hope the wind blows 25 this afternoon and I hope the greens get harder and faster and we'll see what these guys do. I think you can go there and shoot a quick 78, 79, 80, but I think if you play real well and put it in the right position and make a couple lengthy putts, which I think you have got to do, I think you can shoot 3- or 4-under.

Q. On your own game, what do you need to do tomorrow not only to duplicate what you did today but to improve on it?
CHARLIE BELJAN: I need to keep doing what I've been doing, be patient, hit it to -- sometimes 40, 50 away from the hole is a good shot. But we did everything wonderful tee to green and we hit a lot of good putts. Tomorrow maybe a few more will fall.
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