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June 20, 2015

Troy Kelly


TROY KELLY: The Waste Connection guys up there, they rented out the clubhouse up there and so I came back to meet with them. I haven't got to know the guys that well yet this week. I was up there. I was watching it from home and it was kind of going back and forth, 65, 63. It was kind of bouncing around a little bit. And then once Keegan made birdie on 18, I really kind of gave up and I was like there goes my chance. I kept watching and I looked back and I saw it went to 61. I'm thinking okay. I've got a chance still if there is one guy on the course -- and I scrolled up a little higher and that amateur, what was his name?

Q. Nick Hardy.
TROY KELLY: Nick Hardy, he was coming up 7 or finished through 7 and he made bogey. So that put him at 4 and then he came up 8. So I was having a couple beers up there with those guys and I just was thinking I'll go watch. I ran out to the fence. I was watching on the fence up there so I watched him, he was on 9, I watched him tee off and he hit over in the bunker there. He's got a hard shot, but he can do it. Everybody here is good. He was in that short bunker, he was probably 40 yards away to the pin. It was a hard shot. And he hit it up there probably 25, 30 feet, I thought. I thought if he makes this, he is destined to knock everybody out. He ended up rolling up there just short.

Q. You didn't yell or cheer?
TROY KELLY: I didn't say anything, no. I was just happy to be playing again, to be honest with you. That's really it.

Q. Was it hard to shift gears? How much at that point yesterday did you kind of turn the page and say I've got to get ready for Greenbriar and all that stuff?
TROY KELLY: I did. When I left I was obviously disappointed after I talked with you guys for a little while. I went home and we started looking a little bit and it was kind of changing, but it was up in the high 60s, 68, 69, when he left here and then it went down to 67, 65, then it was back up. So I was thinking, well, I was pulling for it to go that way, obviously, but I'm not trying to root against anybody but I wanted to play obviously. It worked out great.

Q. Your first cut in a major?
TROY KELLY: First cut in a major, so that was nice too.

Q. A lot of things happened to you?
TROY KELLY: I just wanted to play again. I was having so much fun the first two days with having all my buddies out and all the people out here supporting me, so it was great.
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