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June 20, 2015

Nick Hardy


NICK HARDY: I was leaving everything short. I got off the course really late last night, it was the last tee time. The greens were rolling really fast and I think that's why I was kind of confused. The first tee time out, the greens were much softer -- well, not much softer, but more moisture in the greens so they were slower. I was leaving everything short, hitting a lot of 3-putts and not putting it well. So I hit the ball good, going to take that away and try to shoot under par tomorrow.

Q. What was that like last night being the last person on the course?
NICK HARDY: I have never been on a course at 9:15 at night before, so it was kind of crazy.

Q. Not even when you were a kid? Wait a minute, you are still a kid.
NICK HARDY: It gets dark at 8:00 where I live in the summer. I've never been on the course that late and I basically had no rest last night. So it was hard getting up this morning, but it's fine. I'm 19, so I can handle.

Q. Did you get any kudos from the players for what happened at the end?
NICK HARDY: They came up to me this morning, kind of laughed about it, but that's golf. I just happened to be the last ones on the course. We joked about it this morning with some of the guys, it was funny. Just golf kind of.

Q. Who is they?
NICK HARDY: Webb Simpson and his caddie came up to me and then a couple other guys this morning. I can't remember off the top of my head. They just joked about it and their caddies joked about it with me in the locker room, too, so it was fun.

Q. Were you aware of where you were as far as the --

Q. You were in pretty good shape unless you 3-putted that?
NICK HARDY: I had three bogeys the last four holes so I knew -- 4-over, I knew, was a lot. Coming down on 8 and 9, I kind of knew that 5-over was actually going to make it. Made a really bad swing at 9 and happened to make bogey.

Q. What did you hit there?
NICK HARDY: I hit a 5-iron and just kind of stuck it in the ground, hit it right.

Q. So then you chipped it 25 feet?
NICK HARDY: I had a bunker shot from the lower bunker and hit a pretty good shot to like 20 feet and left the putt dead short in the jaws. Good putt but left it short.

Q. How short was it?
NICK HARDY: Like a foot, foot and a half.

Q. Six Ams made the cut, which is a pretty big number. It's been 50 years since we got that high. Any reason that you think the amateurs have had an opportunity to play well around here?
NICK HARDY: I think they are well prepared in college golf and I think all these guys that are playing here just come prepared. They know how to play the game and I think they are just -- they are very good players. I think you have to give -- the courses that we play in college are not easy either. We see tough pins and greens like this anyway, so I think they are well prepared.

Q. When you say you see greens like this anyway, there's obviously a lot of --
NICK HARDY: Just undulation. Not really with how bumpy they are, but more with the undulation and some greens -- we don't see really this firm, but we see pins that are on sides of the greens, three off, four off, a lot. We just know how to strong side our ball. We hit it as far as these guys, but it comes down to chipping and putting it.

Q. How did that come about that Bryson played with you today?
NICK HARDY: Right after my round last night, the USGA came up to me and said would you mind playing with Bryson or playing alone. I said I would love to play with Bryson. I have known him for a while and I've played with him a couple of times.

Q. So they designated him as a marker?
NICK HARDY: Yeah, as a marker. So they said -- they gave me the choice, but I wanted to play with Bryson.

Q. Do you know what he shot?
NICK HARDY: I wasn't really keeping track, but he played all right.

Q. What is your plan for the summer?
NICK HARDY: I've got three weeks off after this, going to play in the State Am, State Open for Illinois and then Western Am and the U.S. Am.

Q. What are the NCAA rules in terms of gifts those guys can give you?
NICK HARDY: I turned it down this morning.

Q. You turned it down? What sort of things did they --
NICK HARDY: They were just goofing off. They were joking around with me, just saying I'll buy you dinner. I'm like, no, that's against NCAA rules.

Q. Walmart gift card? Savings bond?
NICK HARDY: I can't accept any of that. It was fun.

Q. Was anybody ready to go home, like come on man?
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