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June 19, 2015

Michael Putnam


Q. The 10th hole played drastically different than it did yesterday. What was it about that hole? There's been some big numbers there today.
MICHAEL PUTNAM: I don't think it played any different. We were 20 yards back on the tee box, which would make the fairway even wider, really. It was a tougher pin position, but -- I mean, it didn't play any different.

Q. How disappointing is this? I know how hard you fought to get here and I know you wanted to play all four days?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: Yeah, it sucks. I played well yesterday and expected to play well today and get out there today and basically goose egg it. And then when you do that at a U.S. Open, they are going to expose your weaknesses and what's going on. It sucks shall, but it is what it is.

Q. What were your thoughts on 18 being set up as a par-4 today?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: It was great. Hit driver, 9-iron to the edge of the green. It was an easy hole.

Q. Not everybody thought that?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: Pretty generous fairway. 9-iron into a par-4. There's a lot harder par-4s out there than that.

Q. Did you have a birdie putt on 7 that could have got you closer to the cut line?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: Like five feet on 7.

Q. What happened to that putt?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: Missed the right edge. Putted horrible this week. Combination of probably my putting and how these greens are. No one is going to putt very well out here, I don't think.

Q. Were you surprised at the condition of the greens?

Q. Overall still a good feeling having this in your back yard?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: It was cool. It was awesome. I watched coverage this morning, looked pretty cool on TV. I will probably watch some coverage this weekend. But, yeah, a lot of family, friends, people I don't know out here enjoying themselves and watching some tough golf.

Q. How different does it play morning to afternoon?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: Today really different, because the sun came out early. The sun came out about 10:00 a.m. or so. The sun never came out yesterday. The wind picked up in the afternoon, but there was still cloud cover, so the greens stayed fairly soft and slowish. Today they were really fast and crusty and hard to putt. You practice all week on a 10 and a half or 11 and you get out there this afternoon and they are pushing 12, 13, 14 in some areas where they are just super baked out. I didn't adjust very well and neither did anyone in my group really. That's why the scores are blowing up this afternoon. I think, I don't know.

Q. For some, yeah. If they bring this back ten years from now, what would you like to see them do differently?
MICHAEL PUTNAM: Poa greens. Poa is perfect around here. This is nothing wrong with poa.

Q. Would that alleviate some of the issues, complaints, any true criticism that's legit for this course? If they went poa greens, would that kind of eliminate any kind of --
MICHAEL PUTNAM: The golf course is fair, how they set it up, even from these back tee boxes, I mean, I don't think I hit more than a 5-iron into a par-4. It's not like we're hitting 3 woods in par-4s. Make them perfect poa.
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