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June 19, 2015

Brian Campbell


BRIAN CAMPBELL: At hole 7? I'll have to figure that out, I guess. It's a tough hole, two demanding shots, it needs. I put myself in some tough spots today. I think I handled myself pretty well, hung in there. Made a few birdies to stay in it. Overall, I'm satisfied with my round.

Q. There is no doubt you hung in there. First of all, the second shot you hit at 8 was fantastic. Got a little unlucky. It's been pretty cool to use your imagination as much as you do this week, isn't it?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: It really suits my game. I love to use my wedge if I can or even the putter and just kind of create different shots. It really makes the game a lot more fun. I really embrace that part of it, so it's been a lot of fun.

Q. Are you determined to be the low alumni out there?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Are you kidding me? Me and Nick are great buddies, but we'll definitely be battling each other for that spot. All the best of luck to him today. I mean, I said I was going to be surprised if he didn't play well. He's got a great game, coming off playing really well at NCAAs. So I'm excited to see what he does this afternoon.

Q. How much have you guys competed in practice and different times?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Literally every day. It's a healthy competition that we have on our team. It makes us all get better. Day in and day out, we bust each other's butts. But it works out.

Q. Still get a little thrill or whatever when you have a piece of the lead there? Did you see it?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I did actually. I walked underneath the big leaderboard and I saw my name up there, so that was pretty cool to at least have that today. I definitely want a little more of that.

Q. Did you have to calm yourself down? How did you react?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: You can't let it affect you too much. I know it's a big deal and I was obviously really excited to see that. I think I handled myself pretty well on the next tee shot and I just kind of calmed myself back down. I hit a pretty good one, just got unlucky with the bounce. That's a tough hole and you have just got to deal with that.

Q. Which leaderboard?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: When we go from 3 to 4, that long walk to through 11, I looked up and saw it. It was pretty special.

Q. Did you play practice rounds with Jake and Beau this week?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I played quite a bit with Jake, a lot with Nick Hardy, my teammate. Jake had played the course before, so I was leaning on him a little bit about where to hit shots. But, yeah, we had a lot of fun in the practice rounds. Honestly we were just real excited to get going Thursday.

Q. As different as this course is, does having that U.S. Open experience for you last time, does it make a difference? What is the difference?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: The difference between this last time and this time?

Q. Yeah, having the experience.
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I think that's huge because you come out and it's the U.S. Open. You've never seen anything like it before. It really kind of impacts you in a way that you are not used to. After going through it once, it definitely showed me it's just like any other tournament, just like with really good players. As long as you play your game and play well, hit good shots, you can compete out there.

Q. How did Illinois get a California kid to come to the Midwest?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I get asked that a lot.
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