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June 19, 2015

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE: At least he has a chance to recover for tomorrow, hopefully. I'm not sure if it's one of those things that's ten minutes or a day, I don't know. Hopefully he'll be all right.

Q. Did he say anything coming off the green?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, he didn't say much, actually. I said just the stuff you have been struggling with recently? And he said, yeah, same stuff.

Q. Did he seem to have any issues before then?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, none. He seemed chirpy, buoyant all day. That was out of the blue, for sure.

Q. Did you see him go down?
JUSTIN ROSE: No. Just when I got to the bottom of the hill, like I said, I thought he went down -- it was a pretty severe bit of hill that he was, I guess, sitting on. I thought maybe twisted his ankle.

Q. Was there any sign at the start of the round that he might be struggling in any way?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, he was good. He was in good shape, 100 percent. His game was looking good. His focus looked good. He made a great up and down on 7, birdied 8, looked 100 percent.

Q. Your bounce back from 7?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, with gritted teeth. I've played so well really for two days, I feel like I've outplayed a couple guys that I played with. I played really well and just got nothing out of it. When I did feel like I got back to even par, I felt like I was very -- even 1-under I would have been delighted with, to be honest with you. I needed something to go for me and I kind of had the opposite happen on 7. Just uphill shot. For some reason, when I've got a quite severe uphill lie, sometimes I can just chunk it a little bit.

Q. On your second shot that came back into the bunker, I was curious, Mike Davis was on FOX and said it's a course where good shots get rewarded and mediocre shots get mediocre results. Would you guy with that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it was a mediocre shot. I think it was a mediocre result. I think it's an absolutely diabolical result for -- that's not a good golf hole, let's just be honest about it. I don't mind the ball coming back into the a bunker, but when it comes back down the bunker on a down slope and you can't hit a shot because you've got fescue grasses hanging over the top and you can't make a swing -- that's why I tried to hit an inside-the-line, hooky shot. I had no real line of play with the fescue behind me. More for rugged terrain and stuff. They have moved a lot of earth to create that. I knew that would be the hardest hole on the course. In my practice rounds, I hit some shots in that bunker. I fully knew how difficult that particular part of the golf course is. Shame on me for bringing it into play with my second shot. Other than that, I played really, really well for two days. Hit a lot of great shots and haven't made any midrange putts.
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