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June 19, 2015

Shane Lowry


Q. Shane, just an overall view of the day. Second round, I know that the cut is something that you expected to do, but you have still got to realize that you have done a whole lot more than that.
SHANE LOWRY: I went out there today and I knew the golf course was going to be -- I thought the setup might be a little bit tougher. The tees were further back on some holes. I knew if I kept doing what I was doing yesterday, trying to hit some good putts and see what happens. And I was going along nicely, missed a great chance on 12, thought if I hit a great putt there to get to 3-under for the tournament, I would have been cruising then. I felt I got unlucky on 14 and just pulled my second shot. Got an awful lie in the bunker and ended up making double from there. Just one of those -- I hit a great shot into 15, great shot into 16, holed a great par for 17 was massive. Probably ten feet, which was kind of -- that was big in regards to the whole round. Then I went on to birdie the last, which was nice. It was one of those days that I'm quite happy with. It could have been a little bit better, but I'm in a great position for the weekend.

Q. As well as you are playing, the patience that you showed there, rewarded with a birdie on 18, that really is the key, isn't it?
SHANE LOWRY: It is, yeah. You know, felt like I was playing okay. Felt like I played nicely yesterday. The good thing for me is I'm feeling a bit more comfortable on the greens. Not 100 percent, but I'm liking what I'm doing and liking the way I'm hitting my putts. Relax the rest of the evening, hopefully have a nice late tee time tomorrow, looking forward to it.

Q. Little notches on the belt, your first U.S. Open cut and far from being just making the cut, you are actually in a position where you can challenge for a high finish and who knows what else over the weekend?
SHANE LOWRY: You never know. It's a bit early to be talking about winning. There's lots of golf to be played yet, so if I could just keep doing my own thing, I'm driving the ball well. My iron play is good. My putting is getting to where I want it. You never know what can happen on Sunday.

Q. How does it feel out there being the player that you are now with the experience you have and the fact that you do feel ready to do something more than make up the numbers in a U.S. major?
SHANE LOWRY: To be honest I felt quite in control of myself all day yesterday and today. It feels good to be here and feeling like the way I felt the last couple of days. I was in control of myself, my emotions and everything. Just need to keep that intact the next few days.

Q. The game is good, though, isn't it?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, my game feels very good.
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