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June 19, 2015

Daniel Summerhays



Q. Overall how did the day go for you, your feeling about it?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I played really good golf today. I hit a lot of really solid iron shots, drove it pretty well for the most part, except for 7 and 8. No. 7 is just a bear if you get out of position there, you're thinking, How am I going to make bogey? Almost did from where I was at. Overall anytime you can make 6 birdies on this golf course you're doing a lot of good things. I was fortunate to get a few putts to sneak in the edges and had a lot of good looks. Feeling really good about my round.

Q. How was it after you made double, how hard is it to regroup and keep going?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: It's honestly easier in this type of a setting I think to regroup because there are train wrecks waiting to happen out here. And when they do happen you're like, well, you know, let's just move on to the next. So actually, I had hit a good wedge shot in there on No. 8 and hit a good 5-footer for birdie, just barely lipped it out. But there wasn't too much regrouping; you just kind of roll with it in the U.S. Open.

Q. What were your emotions when you basically moved into a tie for the lead?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Excitement, really. I felt pretty calm. Still was rolling good putts. I still felt like I had a good awareness of all the things that I was trying to do. Just got a few drives that went a hair left on me. But it was really fun. The crowd was rooting me on. And I think it's fun for them to yell "Summerhays," kind of a fun last name, I guess, to say, because they were shouting it. And a little bit of more of an unknown name. And they were really supportive out there. So I was really soaking it in and enjoying it.

Q. Your third major championship and you are on top of the leaderboard, did you sneak a peak?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, I knew exactly where I was at. But, again, we're only halfway home, so I'd like to still be there come Sunday and really get the nerves going and see how I do during that. There's no way to learn unless you are in that position. So I'm really looking forward to hopefully seeing my name up near the top come late Sunday.

Q. Are you still traveling by motor home, did you come here this week in it?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: No, we sold the motor home a couple of years ago. But still have the family with me whether by bus, car, plane, boat; the family usually is with me. They're a very important part of my life. And, yeah, so we flew up here from Salt Lake City, a nice, easy flight. And then just staying in a house trying to keep the kids from ruining everybody else's valuables.

Q. How is is that working?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: So far so good. We haven't damaged anything yet. Clogged a toilet, but that's fine. That can be fixed.

Q. Did today's round feel different than yesterday's being out there in the morning or any of the changes they made to it?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Actually, I was surprised how far the ball is still going, even this morning. The forecast is going to be pretty cool, but the clouds cleared out pretty quick. And the ball was going plenty far today. The greens I felt like were probably a little more puttable I think the morning round versus afternoon. And that's typically the case on any golf course. But I felt as far as my game goes, yesterday I hit a lot of solid shots, too, just didn't quite capitalize on some of the those 12-, 15-footers for birdie and today more of them fell in for me.

Q. You and Tony are both Utah guys. Did you talk about something before you went into this?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Not really. I mean I did -- it was kind of cool because as I was on 8 green I actually watched Tony make his birdie putt on No. 9 there. So that was fun. But I didn't know what he was at. And hopefully we'll get paired together tomorrow. Our games are, I would say, are not very similar. He hits it about 50 yards further than me. But I try and pattern after some of the more precise players. And you can get it done in a lot of different ways. But really proud of Tony and all he's accomplishing in his rookie year. He is way ahead of the curve as far as maturity goes, and I'm really proud of him and all he's accomplishing.

Q. What did you think of 1 and 18 being switched around today and did it make a difference to you at all?
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: We kind of knew. I don't know, the word through the grapevine was they wanted 18 to be a par-4 on Friday and on Sunday. So kind of knew that they would do it that way. We didn't know for sure, but we were kind of planning on 1 being a par 5 today. But I think it's good. I think how they set it up was really good. It's still nerve-wracking, 18 as a par-4 trying to beat a drive down there. It didn't feel very fair when I looked back from the green and Jason Day probably had 140 yards in. But, yeah, if you hit that fairway on 18 you can do pretty well. But that tee shot is pretty menacing with all the bunkers.

Q. The front nine the way it worked out was over 4000 yards today.
DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I did not. But my body is telling me that it was. I haven't played here for eight years, the last I played here I won the Sahalee Players Championship as an amateur. I love this place. It's so beautiful here. I'm from Salt Lake City and all the pine trees and the mountains, it reminds me of home a little bit. The golf course doesn't remind me at all of home. But the scenery and the landscape for sure does.
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