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June 19, 2015

J.B. Holmes


Q. Can you talk about your round?
J.B. HOLMES: Good round for me. I left a few out there. I had a few too many bogeys, but I gave myself a lot of opportunities and I felt like I putted well. I missed a couple short ones, but they're getting a little crusty out there. Overall it was a good day for me.

Q. How does it feel to go into the weekend right there in such good position?
J.B. HOLMES: Nice. You definitely want to give yourself a chance on the weekend. Hopefully I can go out and play well tomorrow and have a chance on Sunday.

Q. Is there an advantage in the morning versus the afternoon?
J.B. HOLMES: For sure. We played yesterday and it got pretty dry and it was just more difficult. And you also get a little more wind in the afternoon. This morning the greens were a little bit slower and a little bit more receptive, so you had a chance to be able to hit it. It was still firm and it was still difficult, but the ball stopped a little bit easier.

Q. What did you think of the switch on 1 and 18?
J.B. HOLMES: 18 is just a tough hole to play as a par-4. It's still a tough one. 1's good either way. I felt like it was okay either way.

Q. Is that morning/afternoon thing set up for somebody like Sunday to shoot a tremendous round like a Johnny Miller type round and maybe come out of nowhere on Sunday?
J.B. HOLMES: It depends on how far they can spread it apart. But it could. It's possible you could get hot and throw a 6 or 7-under maybe at it and has a chance, because it's gotten -- it's starting to get pretty crusty just at the end there. On the later tee times it could. You never know. It could be a great round of golf. And by Sunday, if they don't get any rain, it might be firm anyways, in the morning and the afternoon.

Q. What was it like playing No. 9 way up above today?
J.B. HOLMES: It was definitely a different look, for sure. You go from pretty much flat to taking 40 yards off a club. So it was into the wind, it was a tough hole. So it was a tough hole for me to tee, but it's different.

Q. Ever done that before?
J.B. HOLMES: Not in a tournament, not to have that big a drastic change, it's like a different hole.

Q. Do you know how firm and fast this is, do you feel your length was as big an advantage as usual or less of an advantage?
J.B. HOLMES: I think there's definitely you can take advantage with the places in length here, because the golf course is so long. But you've got to hit it in the fairway, too. Long and in the weeds doesn't help you. You've got to be in play because the rough here, you're just stroking to make par. And these greens, you've got to be pretty accurate when you're hitting in because they're so firm just to get the ball to stay in the area you want to, so it's very difficult to do that out of the rough.
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