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June 19, 2015

Jamie Lovemark


Q. Nice round of golf. 2-under for the day, do you feel good about it?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, I do. I'm playing nice, driving it well. I had a decent touch around the greens. I had three 3-putts yesterday, but I think that's going to happen in the afternoon, the greens get bumpy. I feel good about the game, mentally I'm in a good spot too. I'm not too nervous, and I was playing aggressive, and that's the way to play.

Q. Do you think this was a course you should do pretty well with?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, in theory. On paper it suits me well. You never know until you get here. Like everyone said it is a huge benefit carrying it 290, 300 yards. I'm hitting it high, hitting pretty far and decently straight, so it's a good fit.

Q. What's been your assessment of this year so far with yourself leading up to this?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: It's been good. A lot of solid golf, nothing too great. A bunch of consistent play, some good finishes. Played the Honda earlier and a bunch on the Web.com Tour. No huge tournaments. I've been playing well in what I've been playing. So I had good form coming in here.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about playing No. 9 from up here today as opposed to the other day?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah. Actually, the same club, just 35 yards of slope difference. It's a cool look. It's hard in the afternoon when the wind picks up. This morning wasn't too windy, that extra calculation can be tough. But they give you plenty of room at that back right pin, so it's not too bad.

Q. You're 7 for 7 on sand saves. How important is that this week?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: It's always big. The short game is always huge, no matter what the tournament. At a U.S. Open you're going to have tons of par saves, you're going to hit them in weird spots. Especially in a links course, it's just going to roll into the bunker, you've got to be well prepped going into the week.

Q. Sunday you switched from 4, 5, with the one at 18, the par switch?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: It's cool. Actually, 18 kind of got me. It was 275 over that left bunker and like 325 to the right one. So it's kind of like in between 3-wood and driver. It's pretty neat. If I hit driver it goes through the fairway and I kind of tried to chip a driver, which is kind of a weird thing to do. But it makes you think, and that's what Mike Davis wants. So he accomplished that.

Q. What did you do there?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Just took some off the driver. I tried to take like a couple of yards off the driver and hit it in the right fescue. If I had to play it all over again I'd probably hit a hard driver down the left side and hopefully it bounces out of the fescue. But you've got to hit a pretty good 3-wood to clear that left bunker, and it wouldn't be good to be in that left bunker laying up.

Q. Is there any adjustment you're making this week out of the sand?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Nothing, just normal sand.

Q. Talk about the difference between the morning play and the afternoon play.
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Yeah, it was cold this morning, really cold. It's really hot now. So we had two climates, basically. But the greens are way better, as expected. I saw a bunch of low rounds yesterday, I knew it could be done. I knew the course would be pretty similarly set up. But yet the big difference is the greens. The ball wasn't going quite as far, but not a huge deal.

Q. How about the wind, does it shift in the afternoon different and worse maybe in the afternoon than the morning?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Not really. It kind of goes between southwest and maybe northwest, in that little 90 degree corridor. So nothing too different to worry about.

Q. Is there an advantage playing in the morning on this course?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: Statistically I'm sure it is. The greens are just -- it's nice putting on good greens. The sun bakes them out in the afternoon and kind of gets that weird in between grasses and it gets pretty bumpy. It's a big advantage.

Q. The first U.S. Open and you're making it to not only make it to the weekend and right there in contention, how does that feel?
JAMIE LOVEMARK: It feels good. I was playing well coming into the week, I expected to play well. I played a decent amount of high level golf. I was looking forward to seeing the course and see how it set up to my game. And it's been good so far.
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