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June 19, 2015

Bradley Neil


Q. It was a nice way to start off your pro career?
BRADLEY NEIL: Amateur. Not retiring yet. Yeah, it was good to sort of finally play some of the golf that I've been playing in practice rounds and I was trying to so hard to finish off with a birdie and it slipped past the hole. It was nice to play some good golf at a major event. I'm pleased.

Q. What was the main difference today compared to yesterday?
BRADLEY NEIL: There was no real major difference. I maybe hit a few more fairways and a few more greens. Yesterday was just a couple bad swings. I got unlucky a couple of times. I ran up some big numbers.

Q. What is the main thing you will take from the week?
BRADLEY NEIL: That I played in a U.S. Open. Not many people can say they've played in three majors by the time they are 19. That's what been so good about this last year from winning the amateurs, you get to play three majors and a bunch of PGA and European tournaments. That's why I feel so prepared to turn pro now.

Q. Are you excited about turning pro?
BRADLEY NEIL: Yeah, I mean, it's the next step. I've made -- obviously I made a lot of steps through the age ranks in my short time as a golfer, but this is the biggest step and the most challenging step I'll take. Today's performance gives me a lot of confidence going into the rest of this year as a pro. I've just got to keep working hard. It's not going to be easy. I know how much work I need to do and I know what I need to work on. It's going to be fun.

Q. Have you spoken to any other guys about turning pro or will you learn from your own mistakes?
BRADLEY NEIL: I think it's a case of -- what a lot guys have said to me is don't change what's got you here. Like at the Open last year, Adam Scott said play your game, play the way that got you here. A lot of pros have said don't make any major changes, just turning pro is a big enough change. Just try and stick to what you know and what you have and just try to prove it with what you have got.
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