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June 19, 2015

Brad Fritsch


Q. You were like No. 2 in driving distance yesterday?
BRAD FRITSCH: I think they revised that.

Q. Did they?
BRAD FRITSCH: Yes. Someone said it was like 360. That doesn't make sense. I think they revised it to 300 or 306, yeah, yeah, that's more me.

Q. I was wondering about the change in configuration of the holes today if that affected anything?
BRAD FRITSCH: I hit a good drive on 1, so I actually went for it in 2. I thought I hit a good shot, but it went down that hill again and pitched it up. I never really want to be down there, but I hit two really good pitches from below there. And happened to make the putt today. That helped me. 18 just such a hard hole. It's not a great par-4. You are trying to carry it 275, but not run it out 320. With these fairways, it's going to roll a lot. I hit 3-wood to the right, and subsequently it's a much harder shot in with 5-iron for me. Just a hard hole.

Q. Overall, were you kind of cognizant of what the cut might be and whether you would be flirting with that?
BRAD FRITSCH: I always know where I stand. I knew I had probably four shots to play with today. I used those up really fast. The bogey, I 3-putted 11. I hit a lot of good shots today that didn't end up in great spots. I felt like I was getting hosed a little bit. I kept hitting good shots and then have a 60-footer up two tiers. This is not what I thought from the fairway, that I would have with a good shot. I knew where I stood and just glad to get those birdies on 16 and 17.

Q. Is it really hard to accept when you hit what you think is a good shot and doesn't get a good result?
BRAD FRITSCH: It is hard. On 12, I hit my driver exactly where I hit it yesterday and this time it didn't come down off the hill. Now I'm in the long fescue and have wasted an opportunity because it's a drivable par-4. Then again on 11, I hit a great 6-iron. I guess it was softer in front than it was yesterday and it stopped quickly. Now I'm putting again over two levels and then down to the back of the green. You just got to let it roll off your back. If you get frustrated and you try to press out here, when you start pressing it kills you.

Q. Did they do anything to the greens overnight?
BRAD FRITSCH: I don't think so. 18 is as fast as can be, so I don't think so. I think they maintained the speed and they were a little softer this morning than they were yesterday morning. So I think it's about the same.

Q. Is the putting green significantly a different speed than the greens?
BRAD FRITSCH: Yes, it's so much faster. I only hit uphill puts on the putting green because there's no poa annua on the putting green. It's all fescue, and it's trampled down or rolled. There's no poa annua, so it's way faster.

Q. You talked about a tough warmup, was it a bit colder early?
BRAD FRITSCH: I think the four o'clock wakeup call was probably part of that. I don't do that very often. I just didn't get a great warmup in. My coach left yesterday, might have something to do with it. I felt like I did things we normally do in warmup. I didn't hit a lot of good shot in the warmup. Really I hit good shots on the first bunch of holes and again, like I told Kim, they just didn't end up in good the spots. Execute, but don't get the roll you expect or don't get the bounce, and today was that kind of day.

Q. Are you past the point in your career now where you get on a stage like this where you've got to produce to make the cut and nerves come into the equation somewhere in the warmup or anywhere else along the way?
BRAD FRITSCH: No. It's first tee and then a putt to make the cut or have a great finish or whatever on the last hole. Other than that, it's pretty good. In the past I wouldn't have made those putts on 16 and 17, because I would be knowing that I have to make them and now I kind of fought through that and it's -- been playing for a long time now, so I think I'm close to getting over it. They say that Tiger has the worst first tee jitters on the whole PGA Tour. So if he has jitters then I think it's okay that I do to.

Q. The birdies on 16 and 17, the group before you played to the right flat area and then your whole group played into that bowl with success. Can you talk about that?
BRAD FRITSCH: It was interesting because I didn't know to do that until he hit it and the crowd went nuts. He was 40, 50 yards left of the hole and they started clapping and it got bigger and bigger. We couldn't see the ball, but we figured it was really, really close. We were talking about how do we get this close if we go straight at the hole.

Q. The group before you, they all played to the right. On 17, I was walking, but I heard a real big roar. Was that for your shot?
BRAD FRITSCH: No. It was Tom Hoge. I think he hit the flag and it actually bounced backwards off the flag to about two inches. It had to be coming in hot, I think.

Q. What did you make there?
BRAD FRITSCH: I hit it about ten feet, knocked it in.

Q. Assuming you make the cut tomorrow, what is your game plan? Do you become more aggressive or ease your way back into it?
BRAD FRITSCH: What I learned in my two years on tour was that 1- and 2-under par for the most par on weekends is actually pretty good. It's the 3- and 4-overs that put you so far back. So I'm going to play it the same way. It's hard to be aggressive out here. It's just so hard. Unless you spin the ball a ton, it's hard to get it close. It's hard to fire at flags.
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