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June 19, 2015

Jason Palmer


Q. The chip and go with the fans. Any good comeback?
JASON PALMER: Actually, no. Nobody's really seemed to comment on it. I made a good up-and-down on, was it, 14 today. I guess everyone was in shock by it.

Q. They are not normally (inaudible) the Americans, are they?
JASON PALMER: The crowds here this week have just been brilliant. So enthusiastic for the game and you can tell they are delighted to be hosting the event. They were great.

Q. Has it given you a taste for more of this?
JASON PALMER: Big time. Yeah, you don't experience this every week, do you? This is the best event I've ever played in. The course is kind of how I thought it would be. It's a real challenging. As soon as you misplace one golf shot, you are in real trouble when you are struggling for par. I think it's really tough, but pretty fair.

Q. If it wasn't for that start, do you think you could have been in the shake? Were there some nerves at play there?
JASON PALMER: I think so, yeah. Just a little bit nervy to start with. Ultimately I just found a terrible spot on the 7th in my first round. I went in the bunker on the right and then I went in another bunker on the right. You just can't go in the bunkers around here. I would say that's biggest hazard of this course is going in the bunkers. It's so hard to spin the ball out of it.

Q. You beat Tiger Woods?
JASON PALMER: Have I? That's just incredible. Obviously he's not playing like the Tiger Woods we all know and love at the moment. I just hope he can get it back. It's sad to see. I'll take some personal pride in beating Tiger Woods, but it's not the Tiger Woods that we know and love.

Q. From now on in, every course is going to be pretty easier, a bit of a walk in the park in comparison?
JASON PALMER: I said to my caddie when we were playing 18, that was the fourth par-4 that we had had over 500 yards in the first nine. So I'm just not used to that. At my home course, we have only got one hole over 500 yards. Obviously we have par-5s, that's a par-5. I know it's firm, but it still plays quite long for me. It's just tough. It's just really tough.

Q. You birdied 6?
JASON PALMER: 6, yeah. Hit a great shot in there, a little cut with a 5-iron. That's probably one of the toughest pins out there today. Fantastic week. I've loved every minute.

Q. What is the one thing you will take from it?
JASON PALMER: I think it kind of highlights just how good you have to be. I really need to get in better shape physically and just keep improving. These guys are making it look easy at times when you watch the coverage, but I can guarantee you it's not easy out there. You have got to have ultimate control of your golf ball.
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