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June 18, 2015

Jim Schlossnagle

Evan Skoug

Dane Steinhagen

Trey Teakell


TCU 8 - LSU 4

THE MODERATOR: Representing TCU, head coach Jim Schlossnagle, relief pitcher Trey Teakell, left fielder Dane Steinhagen and catcher Evan Skoug. Coach, an opening statement.

COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: First of all, I'd like to congratulate LSU on a great season. It's an honor to be on the same field with that team and that program, especially Alex Bregman. Had a chance to coach him for a summer and in 25 years of college coaching there's very few players that you sit in the other dugout and just truly enjoy watching them compete. And so I'll always consider that an honor. The story of the game for us, two fold, is Trey Teakell doing the things that he's done for us all season, or his entire career, coming in and he completely changes the pace of games. And I knew we were going to have to use him probably in the middle of the game. But was hoping to get through the fifth inning with Traver, but just couldn't do it. LSU's too momentum-driven. I had to change things there early. And obviously Dane had a lot of really big hits for us as well.


Q. Trey, how does that outing compare for you in terms of other postseason games you've pitched?
TREY TEAKELL: It's probably been one of my favorite ones, just because, I mean, I was able to really help my team in a big game. It's probably the biggest game we played all year. Every game right now is probably the most important game of the season. That was probably my favorite just because of that aspect. And I got -- I was fortunate to have a good outing today. So I felt good.

Q. Coach, Trey pitched really well today and couple weeks ago pitches well against another physical lineup like LSU. From your perspective what do you kind of see from him that he seemed to match up so well with the offense like that?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: He matches well with anybody because he just commands the baseball with three pitches. He's equally effective against right- and left-handed hitters, and he's a really good athlete on the mound. Even when he doesn't have his best stuff he still has that angle to the baseball and he's got some deception in his delivery. And he's just a -- he's the most valuable pitcher that's been in our program maybe ever, since I -- in 12 years, the most valuable. There's certainly been high draft picks and guys that have had great seasons. But in terms of a guy that can literally pitch in any role, Trey's the best. And the best part about him is he's selfless to where he's not knocking on my door for five years looking for a bigger role, I guess you'd call it, or a more high profile role. Because he certainly would have every right to come in say I want to be a starter, I want to be the closer, whatever that is. But he's just always there whenever we need him. Which is why I wanted to get him out as quick as I could, so we can maybe get him back in this thing before the weekend's out.

Q. Evan, your perspective on Trey and what he was doing tonight and what he's done for you this year?
EVAN SKOUG: Well, Trey, as usual, is remarkable. I mean, we ask so much of Trey. And for him to come in and be Mr. Reliable and come in give us several good innings and keep us in the ballgame is amazing. He's been doing it all year. He's really been a big part of my development as well as the rest of the freshmen. He's just Mr. Do It All. Without Trey we would be a completely different ballclub.

Q. Coach, I wanted to ask you about Evan. What does he mean for you guys offensively and defensively. He obviously had a great postseason, handling the load as a freshman catcher?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: Sure, biggest question mark going into the season for our team was how our two freshmen catchers that are both very talented going to handle a veteran pitching staff. I told them both, I could really care less how you hit or throw, just catch the ball. Make the strikes strikes and block the balls in the dirt. And both have done a great job. Evan certainly had to play a little bit more than Zack, and we knew he was going to be a really good offensive player. And he knew from pretty much day one in the spring he was going to be hitting clean up. And he hasn't come out of there at all. So he's handled that at a very high level, and I think part of his development is just what he's said, is that having eight seniors around him, you know, he's been selfless enough to listen to what those guys have to say and he's had a lot of guidance. And now as he said to me the other day he doesn't get to -- he doesn't get to be young too much longer. There's going to come a day where he'll have to do what these other guys have done for him. But he's a big, big part of our team.

Q. Dane, you were three for four tonight. What was working for you at the plate?
DANE STEINHAGEN: I just felt confident. Before every at-bat, Coach Slosch told me to eliminate the curveball every time and that's what I did. And it allowed me to be on time with that fastball, and I was ready for it every time.

Q. I would like everyone to answer this question. What role did Micah Ahern play in tonight's win for you guys?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: Micah is just -- he's always on our mind. And he's a big part of our team, a big part of our program. We had a long conversation last night with the team just about there are way bigger things in life than even the College World Series even at this moment in time. When you keep that as your perspective, you can play a lot more free. And this is just a very small sliver in everybody's life. And eventually no one's even going to be able to name who the national champion was this weekend. But that little guy is fighting like crazy to make it to the next day. We can certainly go out and just have fun and play some baseball.

EVAN SKOUG: Micah, I don't really have a long history like Trey and Coach, but this year he's really impacted us. He's a true superhero. Just the things he goes through daily makes life for us just seem so much easier. And it just puts things in perspective and it makes you thankful for the health you have, the teammates you have and the ability to go out there and play a game for a living. So just putting it in perspective, it's like knowing your why, like why you go out there and do what you do.

DANE STEINHAGEN: Like Evan, this is my first year too. I haven't known Micah that long. But just -- I mean just me not knowing him that long -- just before the game we wrote 10K (phonetic) on our hats, every single one of us did, just to know we have him, we're thinking about him the whole day and that we have him in our hearts and we're doing this for him.

TREY TEAKELL: Micah is honestly part of our team. He's part of our team chemistry, you know. He's been with us a few years now. And we just love him. And whenever he's around it gives us a big boost. And hopefully it gives him a big boost. He likes coming around. We do whatever we can to make sure he's happy and feeling good. And it really helps us because it puts things in perspective about how important a baseball game really is compared to other more important things in life, and certainly Micah's having a rough time right now. So we enjoy being able to see him smile. And it helps us at the same time as far as team chemistry. Whenever he comes around it really boosts our morale and we love seeing him.

Q. Dane, so the entire lineup didn't get to go through on a single LSU pitcher. When they're switching pitchers that often, does it change your mindset or does it change your approach in any way?
DANE STEINHAGEN: No, sir. Like I said before, I just have to -- I have to go up there with a plan every single time. And yesterday or the day before yesterday I really didn't do that. And today I just walked in, had a plan, eliminated the offspeed and was ready for the fastball. That's my gig. I love hitting the fastball. So I was ready for it every time.

Q. Coach, could you talk about your pitching plans for tomorrow and potentially Saturday, and just comment in general about how important pitching depth is here in Omaha?
COACH SCHLOSSNAGLE: Well, pitching depth in Omaha, I mean, pitching depth is always important anytime you play. Pitching depth here doesn't have to be that important if you stay in the winner's bracket. But when you get in the losers bracket it's obviously going to come into play more significantly. For us, haven't decided yet. Certainly have Tyler Alexander sitting down there ready to go. On my lineup card I always put the bullpen, who was available that day. He was pretty mad that he wasn't on the lineup card today, but he's always in the back of my mind. We'll see. I'm not sure, I want to bring him back, but we'll talk about it tonight. And Coach Corbin and I always have a unique text thing going back and forth. So he's already told me he's pitching Eshelman, so I'm going to announce that I'm going to throw Alex Lange tomorrow (laughter).

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